Services Offered, Prices and How it Will Improve Your Life

I invite you to your journey of self-discovery the prize of which is HAPPINESS!
One on One Consultations:

  • Past Life Regression Session (2 h)$175
  • Access BARS Session (60min) $150
  • Shamanic Healing / Soul Retrieval Session (2h) $175
  • Spiritual /  Emotional Coaching Session $100 per 45min
  • Personal Energy Cleansing $150
  • Personal Despacho Ceremony $150
  • Home/Office Energy Cleansing $150-$350
  • Gemstone Healing with Chakra Balancing Session (1h) $150
  • Integration and Transformational Coaching Session (30mon) $60

Live Group Events – $50-$75
Online Virtual Group Events – $35-$55
Worldwide Spiritual Healing Retreats – from $2,200.00

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Aphrodite Goddess Why Important for Women Happiness to Activate Her Archetype

When Aphrodite is present the whole world acquires a golden glow. She is the one who gives creativity, who represents renewal and hope. Only the Aphrodite that is a part of a woman can inspire men as well as women. Creativity, inspiration, love, passion, all these are governed by this goddess. Even though the Aphrodite’s magic and powers are available and beneficial for a woman of any age, any sexual orientation, this Aphrodite Awakening 8 Week Course is designed for women ages from 35 to 50. The small group classes will be happening in Wheeling IL (the exact address will […]

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shamanic healing events illinois

Is Shamanism a Religion? What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is not a religion, it is a way of living in connection with Nature. It is a system of beliefs, that includes everything, that believes, that everything has a spirit. You may not see or hear some living thighs because of the limitations in our perception as well as limitation of the range our eyes can see and our hearing can hear. But our soul can feel the presence of all spirits around us. By changing perception, developing your intuition everyone is able to accept the shamanic principles of life. When you start to understand the living nature of […]

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peru Lake Titicaca Floating Islands Tour

Peru Places of Power – Trip to Connect to Your Hidden Potentials with Initiation for Healing and Connection to Elements

Trip/ Retreat Dates: TBD – when group will be arranged  Trip Location: Peru Cusco, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca Trip Information, Pricing and Registration   This Peru Retreat is designed for the seekers, the ones who are looking to find out who they are, the reason for their birth here on Earth, and what they need to do in this life. This trip is for those who understand that something needs to be done and changed in their life and those who want to start the changes. It is for those who understand that they are not just their […]

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Tour to Peru for Wellness Retreats with Ayahuasca to Amazonian Rainforest

Heal Your Emotional Trauma to Reduce Your Life Stress – Wellness Retreat with Ayahuasca and Kambo in Peru. Join us for Unbelivable Experience! We offer you to start your road to HAPPINESS with this Sacred Madicine Healing and Detox Retreat in Peru. You can participate in Ayahuasca ceremonies. During these 9 days you will learn and practice spiritual techniques, get knowledge about working with your emotions and your body for happy life and emotional balance, will learn about Access Consciousness Practices, learn Vipassana silence meditation and more. All these practices brought happiness to many thousands of people. The retreat designed […]

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Why By Healing Past, we Can Change Present and Future

The fact that we can change the future and present situation by healing the past is well known to the sages of the old schools as well as to the contemporary psychologists. To the regular person, it is hard to grasp how this works, and why it is possible, that is why it is important to understand the new theoretic principal of time so one can start believing and using it to their advantage. The concept of time is simply an illusion made up of human memories. Everything that has ever been and ever will be is happening RIGHT NOW, […]

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