Meaningful Day of The Year and Why Are They Important, Ceremonies to Connect to Life

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You may ask reasonable questions for a human of our modern time.

Why do we need to do something different on the days of autumn and spring Equinoxes, the days of the winter and summer Solstice, New Moon and Full Moon times?

These questions would never be raised by our ancestors, who lived in a very close connection to Nature.

And not because they were primitive as we were told, but just because they knew how important it is to be in connection to nature, to the element, to Sun and Moon and everything else that in our modern society is considered unimportant.

 We consider humans the highest in the hierarchy of life, but let’s look the truth in the eyes.

The smallest virus almost destroyed our world, and it has definitely destroyed our habitual way of life, isn’t it?!

How can we, after these events, talk about the superiority of humans?

I offer you to leave the illusion of our superiority to those, who still did not wake up, until they do.

Let’s open our eyes to the truth and accept the fact that all our existence depends on Mother Nature and others not understood by most people’s energies (entities), whatever you want to call them.

For me personally, as for many nations and specifically, those familiar with shamanic views to life and nature, all those energies around us are alive and many of them have influenced us in our daily life.

 And since those energies influence our life, we would like their influence on us to be positive, to help us to be healthy, happy…correct?

 In order to have a good influence on us by the Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets, people order horoscopes, wear specific amulets and perform different rituals. This all good, but, when was the last time, you simply said to those Energies (Spirits) THANKS?

And when was the last time you gave your gratitude to Mother Earth, to Wind, Water, Fire Spirits?

You probably did not even think they have a Spirit and those who talk about it are crazy?

 Let me tell you friends, they do have Spirit, everything does! And for those spirits, it really does not matter if you believe in their existence or not.

They influence your life without any necessity of you believing in them.

 So, why are we going to do ceremonies and rituals on those days of autumn and spring Equinoxes, the winter and summer Solstice, New Moon and Full Moon days?

These are the days, when each person can enter into interaction with Nature at such levels that affect both the body and the Soul.
How do we know that?

Humans, including shamans all over the world verified it through thousands of years of observations and practices.

For thousands of years, shamans and people of power have been accumulating this knowledge, which they have brought to our days. And now we can use all this huge layer of experience and wisdom.

 What will we do in our Ceremonies?

fire ceremonyWe will thank everyone and everything that gives us life resources – Ancestors, Spirits, Nature, Mother Earth, Elements and the whole world around us!

You will bring all this with your own hands to everyone who comes to our aid on this day at the ceremony.

And I will help you with all my strength and knowledge so that we and the whole world are charged with goodness, goodness and the joy of being!

Join us on our ceremonies and rituals as we schedule them during the year.

Those ceremonies include

Despacho Ceremonies

Fire Ceremonies

We are trying to do those ceremonies as often as possible, but at least 4 times per year.

I offer a personal Despacho ceremony for different need of a client if you need to get faster changes and group ceremony is not available and if you have a place to do a fire, personal cleansing Fire Ceremony is also available.

In partnership with other practitioners, we do Ceremonies during The Equinoxes and Solstices.

Our next Celebration is September 23rd – The Fall Equinox.

Meanwhile, start connecting with those beautiful helpful energies by yourself.

At least daily gratitude is a good start!


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