Magic Summer Solstice Retreat 2019 with Nina Bastet

June 21 – is considered an important turning point on the Wheel of the Year. Reality and dreams are mixed, the boundaries between the worlds become thinner. This day symbolizes the maximum peak, rise, takeoff, ecstasy, both in nature and in human life. Dreaming prophetic dreams and dreams from the future. This is one of the most magical periods of time. Through direct contact of a person with the elemental forces of the Earth, desires are made, the future is corrected. The Summer Solstice holiday embodies fertility, abundance, glory, triumph, generosity, fullness of life, happiness. Cheerfulness, vitality, fun reign in […]

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Shamanic Healing with Ayahuasca Retreat Peru 2016, 2018 Customers Testimonials

Ayahuasca retreat brings to the participants a great clarity, emotional healing and detoxication to your mind and body. We will help you to form your intentions for the ceremonies as well as go through the integration process to get better results from your journey. What is Ayahuasca healing? On physical level, Ayahuasca healing clears your body from emotional and energetic blocks, and can be considered as one of the emotional releases techniques. During Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru or Costa Rica the healing will get to the root of the issues, remove the root and by doing that,  the issue should […]

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Private Self Love Retreat Costa Rica 2016 with Nina-Bastet

After my private self-love retreat with Nina I had drastic changes in my life. My friend told me about Nina and her unbelievable experience with her and I came  from Poland to Costa Rica to meet with Nina. I am happy about my decision to retreat. During the retreat I realised that for more than 15 years I was in co-dependant situation and that is where much of my unhappiness and illnesses were coming from. During the retreat I gained real self-confidence, understood what I really want from life, what will make me happy. THis was a real start for […]

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