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Integration Coaching – Plant & Indigenous Medicines Ceremonies Integration Sessions

Psychospiritual Integration Coaching with Nina Bastet

When you are going through the transformation process and using the help of Plant and indigenous Medicines or other Psychedelic substances you need to be ready to understand the information you will be receiving during your journey from the plant teachers and to correctly implement it into your daily life.
You may hear many scary stories around Ayahuasca, Psilocybin Mushrooms, Peyote, San Pedro and other ceremonies using Psychoactive substances.

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Nauli Practice illinois

Nauli Practice for Wellness – Vacuum Stomach Self Massage

There is a rule in Yoga that each muscle should move at least once a day. This brings our energy back into flow and releases blockages. Energy is like water. Standing water becomes impure and rotted, when the flowing water, on the other hand, always remains pure.  To stay healthy and keep our youth we also should move the muscles of our abdomen and intestines daily, those are the muscles that mostly get ignored. In our society, people have so much pain accumulated in the stomach area, that even during the massage session it is mostly not touched by the […]

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Daily practices are offered in Wheeling – $10 Beginners Events

Wheeling -Milwaukee and Hintz area Morning energizing healing session – Women only Yin-Yoga 30 min sessions: 7:30 a.m  and 9:00 a.m – only 5 participants per session | Monday – Friday Get ready for your day with a lot of energy that will last you all day long.  You get the best result, by doing at least 3 sessions per week. Each Session $10 cash at arrival  /  Every 6th session within 2 weeks is at no charge.  Evening Relaxing Events, Meditations – 45 – 60 min sessions 7:30 p.m – only 7 participants Monday – Crystal Healing Meditation | […]

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shamanic fire ceremony offering illinois

How to Prepare and Choose an Offering for the Ceremony – Need to Know

When you are preparing your offering for the ceremony, either dry or fresh flowers, or anything else you asked to bring, you need to remember the following: You are making an offering as your gratitude for your life and everything in it you already have. This offering is the gratitude for all the future benefits you are asking for in your prayers. Treat this as a gift to a very important “person”, this is a gift to the Higher Forces, on which your whole life depends. Prepare it with good heart, with love and gratitude and choose the best thing you are […]

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Q&A – Answers to the Most Frequent Client’s Questions 

Q&A – Answers to the Most Frequent Client’s Questions New- 2023 Client’s Question How often do I need to participate in ceremonies? What for? Every time you participate in the healing ceremony; either shamanic, religious, or magical: such as Pujas, Despacho, Fire, Sweat Lodge, The Wheel of the Year ceremonies or any other spiritual ceremonies; you are changing your life, releasing emotional and physical blocks from your energy field, filling your field up with lighter healing energies,  could be cleansing your karmic connection and definitely raising your vibrations and becoming lighter. It is up to you to decide how often […]

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shamanic healing illinois

What is the Shamanic Journey Like? The Shaman’s Cosmology

The Shamanic journey is a journey within oneself for the purpose of consultation and therapy. This is an insightful way to conduct an internal conversation and to determine vital information.  Our soul (inner being) is in constant contact with us on all levels of our consciousness.  The Shamanic Journey (same as yoga or meditations and many other spiritual systems) knows that once you travel within yourself, you will find the answers to all or at least many of your questions. During the journey, a person goes beyond their own awareness, beyond their own limitations.  Every person’s experience is unique, even […]

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