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Home or Office Energy Alignment for Balanced Life & Success – Energy Cleansing Service Helps Balancing and Restore Vitality

Often our environment got clogged by low vibration stagnant energy. When one lives in a home with a lot of stagnant energy it has a negative influence on the mood, health and other conditions of the occupants. The family living in the “dirty “ energy home will have more arguments, occupants of that home will get sick more often, will try to run away from home, by coming home late or not coming at all.
The living space and the office environment needs to have regular energy cleanse in addition to the physical cleaning.

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Sadhu Board illinois

My Experience with Sadhu Board – Practice of Standing on Nails

Today I participated in the practice of standing on nails which called Sadhu board. During the session and after it, I received a very strong insight. One of the messages, I have to tell everyone, who want to listen: 🌍 There will be peace and balance in the world, we just need to continue on the path of spiritual growth and share our love with others.  For me personally, this practice was a difficult one, even though I already went thru many difficult and painful practices. But even without really standing on the Sadhu Board, the information came as soon […]

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Gayatri Mantra: Meaning and Significance

Gayatri Mantra is one of the oldest and most powerful Vedic mantras as per Hindu religious beliefs. This sacred mantra is mentioned in the Upanishads as a ritual and in the Bhagavad Gita as a divine poem

 It’s an offering to Divine, a way to open to grace, to inspire oneself.

The mantra is an expression of gratitude, to both the life-giving Sun and the Divine.

It boosted devotees taking a heart-centered approach to the mantra.

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Shamanic Healing Session – Private Healing Session Wheeling IL

Shamanic Healing is a spiritual healing session, during which the healing is happening on the deep spiritual level, not just the energetic level. Shamanic healing goes much deeper, connecting to the soul level of the healing participant. Shamanic Healing involves you being able to come to the session with the intention to release what you need to release and to let healing happen according to your soul’s needs, without expectations of the ego. Most of the time people know what they want to heal or to release, without understanding that the reasons for those issues lay much deeper. Before the […]

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How to Do Shiva Puja at Home, Worshiping Shiva Lingam at Home, Shivling

Shivling connects a devotee with the Supreme Being – Lord Shiva.  Shiva cannot be described but still we say he is without a beginning and an end and is without a form. It is difficult for us, humans, to understand this formless nature.  The lingam is the symbol of Lord Shiva, the performance of puja helps to connect and understand Lord Shiva and his energy. Each Lingam puja, step by step, takes the devotee to the eternal truth, that all of us are part of the Supreme Being, we all are connected, we all are One. Shivling Puja At Home […]

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Shiva Abhishekam and Benefits of Each Offering

Shiva Abhishekam is usually performed to a Lingam representing his manifestation as a creator of good (by destroying evil). In many temples, one finds a vessel hung over the Lingam, that continuously drips water or other offerings onto the Lingam in deference to Shiva desire for Abhisheka. Milk Abhishekam Gives long life, for progeny, to ward off snake, curse etc, Turmeric Abhishekam For healing, recovery from diseases, and matrimony. Honey Abhishekam removes all sorrows and problems in life,to get melodious voice, enhancement of music talents Ghee Abhishekam financial prosperity, to get rid of all illness, Gives Moksha state Curd Abhishekam […]

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Honor Lord Shiva on Mondays by Shivling & Performing Shiva Abhishek to Overcome Hardships

May Lord Shiva bless all beings! Mondays are seen as a favorable day to offer prayers to Lord Shiva.  If you have been facing troubles and have been struggling your way through life, then you should pray to Lord Shiva on Mondays and perform Shiva Abhishek to appeal to him.  If you regularly perform Shiva Abhishek with a clean heart, you will see the positive results yourself. It is believed that Lord Shiva is the happiest around water. This is one of the reasons why in temples a vessel is hung over the lingam from which water keeps dripping out.  You […]

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64 Art Forms Offered by Goddess Saraswati to Master in Life

The goddess Saraswati is the patroness of 64 arts, skills that everyone is beneficial to possess. In different peoples of India, in different regions and in different movements of Hinduism, the lists of 64 arts differ. There are also men’s and women’s lists. Both boys and girls had to master 64 arts, paying special attention to those skills that were especially important to a particular sex life. In the list there are typical male activities (military affairs, the art of gambling and cockfighting, etc.), and purely female (manufacturing incense and perfumes, artificial flowers, the art of braiding braids, etc.), which […]

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