Shamanic Healing Session – Private Healing Session

Sometimes the question is asked about the process of shamanic healing and the certification of shamans.
I want to explain that the title “Shaman” is a very high rank title, given to the practitioner in the tribe by the tribe. Most of the people you hear about in our western world, are not shamans, even when they call themselves that. Most of them are shamanic practitioners.

My name is Nina Bastet, I am a shamanic practitioner, I had my initiation in the Peruvian Shamanism and I am the Mesa Carrier. In my practice, I use shamanic, psychological, esoteric and spiritual practices during the private sessions, trainings, seminars, ceremonies and other events.

Very important thing that you need to understand is that during all those events,
This is the shamanic approach in healing – understanding that the “healer” is not doing the healing; with the help of Spirits he initiates the healing processes in the client’s energy field.
The client also needs to be very involved: by having the intention for healing, working with the practitioner and following the instruction after the session.

Shamanic Healing is a spiritual healing session, during which the healing is happening on the deep spiritual level, not just the energetic level, it goes much deeper, connecting to the soul level of the healing participant.

Shamanic Healing involves you being able to come to the session with the intention to release what you need to release and to let healing happen according to your soul’s needs, without expectations of the ego.

shamanic healing illinois Nina BastetMost of the time people know what they want to heal or to release, without understanding that the reasons for those issues lay much deeper. Before the things that you need to change in your life could be changed, some other deeper layers in your energetic and spiritual self need to be healed.

That is why, yes we want to know the issues you are coming with and we need to work on, but the expectations need to be removed in order to let spirit address the issues that need to be healed and corrected.

You will need to lay on the chair and use your breath to be able to release and heal.

I will be doing shamanic work, such as rattling, drumming and journeying to help you move the energies in your bodies.

Shamanic spiritual energy Healing sessions can help with the following issues:

  • Depression
  • Emotional or health issues related to your ancestry
  • Past emotional traumas that continue to trouble you
  • Apathy, numbness, lack of vitality or fatigue
  • An unhealthy attachment to any individual
  • Chronic illness or weak immune system
  • Feelings of emptiness
  • Feelings of watching your life from the outside
  • Inexplicable mood swings or personality shifts
  • A tendency toward addictions and destructive behaviors
  • Repetitive negative behavior patterns
  • Memory gaps
  • Other post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms

Other issues and questions could be answered during your healing sessions. Some clients get incites about the questions in their businesses or career, relationship and other life circumstances.

Shamanic healing, same as any other spiritual practices is the work of both, the practitioner and the client himself, where the client is an active participant in his own healing.

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Emotional and Spiritual Healing is a journey. In order to feel the results, you need to experience several sessions. Spiritual healing is not a magic pill, it is not just removing the symptoms, it is working on a deep subconscious and spiritual level and healing the roots of current issues in your life.
The healing works the best, when sessions are done in the combination of 4+.

To make it work better for you. we designed a special offer:

When you have 3 sessions done within 40 days (the best way to do it), we will give you the 4th session at 50% OFF (which need to be used within next month after the 1st three sessions)
You can combine such sessions as Past Life regression, Shamanic Healing, BARS and Aromatherapy.

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