7 Reasons to Know Your Past Lives and to Schedule your Past Life Regression Session

I hope your belief system allows you to understand that your present life is not your first life. Probably, if you would not believe in it, you would not be now reading this page. So, we will leave the spiritual explanation of the existence of our previous lives, beyond this article.

In order to understand why the regression into past life and healing some past lives situations may help you in the present time, you need to look at “time” from the New Physics point of view. Read the article to understand

Why by healing past, we can change the future

Another question is, why would you want to know any of the circumstances of some of your previous lives?

  1. When you are trying to find the reason for some repeating events and cannot understand why these events are happening, what are the reasons you are connected with one specific person, or why you are attracting similar people or situations into your life and other questions in this direction, regression may help you to understand it. A psychologist will help you to understand, what kind of behavior creates the events in your life, you may even understand, that your parents or other people in your life had a lot of influence on your behavior, but most of the time, even by knowing all those facts is not enough to stop those situations from happening again. 

By understanding which events in one of your previous lives created this chain of events in this life, and by healing the situation, will help you to stop the vicious circle happening in your life much faster and more effectively.

  1. When someone has some kind of phobias that do not have any connected incidents in this life, it may be coming from subconscious remembering some kind of event from your previous life. 
  2. Reasons behind unwillingness to do something, like getting married or having kids or other similar events, often comes from the programs and experiences in previous life. By healing the situation in another life or cancelling the oath or agreement, done there, the situation will change in this life.
  3. A wish to change the financial situation. Often poverty, bankruptcies, loss of financial stability or even inability to generate sustainable income comes from previous lives, by finding out that reason, finishing it on the spiritual level will help you to gain financial stability in this life.
  4. Inability to create a family or stable relationship with another person or to stay in the long relationship.
  5. Some health issues may come from previous life situations, of the way the person died, or may be killed by someone or other circumstances. Healing it in the past may relieve the burden of pain and suffering or even help healing.
  6. Loss of joy in life, inability to live in happiness, bad character traits, addictions and other habits can come from the past.

Many other very specific reasons can bring one to explore the past lives. Even the simple curiosity and fun of knowing something more than the ordinary life and ordinary reality, acceptance of existence of something more that we are, our spiritual nature, eliminating fear of death and many, many more reasons may bring you to my door.

We all are different and every one of us may have a very specific reason for exploring their nature. Whatever your reasons are, please let it be and allow yourself to experience this unique self-discovery session, that will open the whole new universe inside of you.

I welcome you to schedule your Past Life Regression Session now in Wheeling IL or over Skype.

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Why By Healing Past, we Can Change Present and Future