Psychospiritual Integration Coaching with Nina

When you are going through the transformation process and using the help of Plant and indigenous Medicines or other Psychedelic substances you need to be ready to understand the information you will be receiving during your journey from the plant teachers and to correctly implement it into your daily life.

You may hear many scary stories around Ayahuasca, Psilocybin Mushrooms, Peyote, San Pedro and other ceremonies using Psychoactive substances.

Question often asked before going to the ceremony:

  • Is it safe?
  • Will it be scary?
  • How about those scary stories that we read online and hear from people?
  • Can I go crazy from it?
  • Can I die from it?

There are many  answers to every one of these questions.
The main rule I would recommend you to follow:
Listen to your heart, DO NOT push your participation (if something is not letting you to participate, do not push it) – everything will come at the correct time.
When you need to be in the ceremony – you will, but if you should not, and the Universe is giving you signs not to do it, or even closing the roads, so you would not go, in these cases – do not go.
If you ignore the signs that the Universe is sending you and will push the situation in order to participate in the event – that is one of the cases when some of those negative things can happen.

Price $75 for 30 min session. 

Save by committing to 3 sessions- $55 each session/ $165 total

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Preparation for Plant and Indigenous Medicines Ceremonies

In order to have your Plant Medicine Ceremony safe and go smoothly, you need to be prepared, you need to be ready, you need to be understanding some of the things that you may experience.

You may never be a 100% ready for the experience you may have during your psychedelic journey  – that is the truth. 

Each experience is unique, each psyche is unique as well as every person has different lessons to learn in this life and different lessons were brought from his past lives. 
The goal is to be as ready as possible, as open as possible to receive what you need to receive, to understand the importance of integration of the experience into your life, the importance to follow guidance from your heart and not from your ego.

When to start Preparation and Coaching for a Psychedelic ceremonies?

I would recommend starting preparation to participate in those ceremonies at least 90 days before the planned trip and even 6 month before.

At the time when you decide to experience a psychedelic journeys some interesting things will start happening in and around you. This is a very important time to start noticing and recording what is happening with you, so it will be easier to understand many things in the future.
Start journaling as soon as you start having an interest in ceremonies.

What is the Integration Process?

Integration means taking the time to digest the experience, process it, and start to act or think in different ways than you did before the ceremony, and include your new knowledge and experience into everyday life  in a positive way. 

The timing for Integration of every trip is different,  it is a process that unfolds over time.

Some journeys may take several weeks or months to integrate and some can integrate much faster.

What integration coaching will help with:

holistic center of health and happinessThe coach will teach you to prepare and understand the following before your journey:

  • Different kind of indignious medicine and the way it work
  • Set up, settings and facilitators
  • Potential risks & benefits
  • Will guide you to prepare mentally, spiritually & physically
  • Setting intent & intentions
  • Creating the best physical and emotional state for receiving wisdom and insights
  • Preparation of your surroundings including loved ones and other relationships and people in your life
  • And sometimes the coach may convince you NOT to participate in the ceremony at a specific time or will recommend what to do in order to be ready for this kind of experience.

After your journey Coach will:

  • Help you to stay  grounded in your experience,
  • Help you to recognize old patterns and blocks that will arise;
  • Helping you to implement the changes that you desire to implement in your life. 
  • Will help you to integrate the journey into your life so your experience will teach you and you will get the desired life improvements

What need to be Integrated after your Journey

Integration is the process of combining together the information that you know with what you have learned to work for you. 
When you are doing the healing practices and getting healed by Plant and indigenous Medicine, you are  transcending the former parts of yourself and including the parts of your past  and current self that are truly yours. 

You are reintegrating all the aspects of yourself (of your soul)  that have previously been lost, in order to become whole again.

You are releasing the shadow personalities that have developed alongside you when you were fulfilling your ego’s desire to feel better or experience more.
Integration is the process of refining your true self. 

Integration coaching for several weeks before and following the experience is the best way to get the most out of your psychedelic experience.