Services Offered, Prices and How it Will Improve Your Life

All services offered were created to help the client to find a road to himself, to find a road to balanced healthier and happier life.

It is done through finding the roots of the current situations by moving the issues from a subconscious or unconscious part of the psyche into the conscious part to be able to work with it. Most of the roots of our issues in physical reality are hidden very deep in our psyche, so it seems not to exist.

When you find the root of the issue, you are able to work with it, to reprogram, release, let go of the traumatic experiences and emotions and to correct the situations in the present by correcting the past.

By changing the way you perceive the situation, by changing your emotions, by letting go of attachments, you can correct many issues in your life.

By understanding the universal truth and the laws controlling our life on Earth, you will be able to make less mistakes, to make better decisions and choices to benefit you personally and everyone around you.

To achieve a healthy and happy balanced life you need to detoxify your body, your mind and your emotions. These are the practices that I am offering to you. 

shamanic healing with sound healing illinoisEverything we do, we do together.

The client needs to be an active participant in every practice, in order to achieve better results. 

You are the only one, who can change yourself and the only one, who can make the choice to change your life.

The practitioner, as myself, can only help you to move an energy, to teach you and give you the road to follow.

It is your active and conscious choice to use the road that will help you to change your life.

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Services Menu

Online Virtual Group Events – $65 – $125

    • Group Past Life Regressions
    • Anger Healing Meditations
    • Forgiveness Meditations
    • Shamanic Journey Meditations

Live Group Events –  $95-$120

    • How to use your Crystal Pendulum Practice
    • Gemstones Meditations
    • Shamanic Journey Healing Meditations
    • Shamanic Despacho Ceremonies
    • Shamanic Fire Ceremonies

Live Group Classes and Seminars $85 – $120

One on One Consultations-2024 pricingDespacho Ceremony Wheeling Illinois

Worldwide Spiritual Healing Retreats – from $2,200.00

    • Plant Medicine Personal and Group Retreats for Emotional Healing and Spiritual Awakening
    • Femininity Awakening Retreats

I invite you to your journey of self-discovery the prize of which is HAPPINESS!

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