Healing and Transformation 2 Month Program: Your Path to a New You!

New Life: 60 Days of Total Energy Revitalization

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation? Our 60-day program is your ultimate energy boot camp designed to usher in the new, empowered version of yourself!

Frequently, individuals have a wealth of ideas and noble intentions to enhance their lives. Despite their aspirations, year after year, they struggle to take action, falling into a cycle of starting and quitting, or worse, never even taking that initial step. 

Regrettably, this is a common challenge faced by many.

Numerous reasons and explanations can be attributed to this challenge, but one vital yet often overlooked factor is our energy levels and THE LACK OF ENERGY..

We tend to squander our energy on needless worries about the future, dwelling on the past, engaging in unfulfilling activities, associating with people we don’t resonate with, passing judgments, indulging in gossip, and obsessing over negative news and events, among other things.

By expending valuable energy on these matters, people often find themselves lacking the necessary vitality to bring their cherished dreams to fruition, leading to a cycle of excuses and rationalizations

I present to you a unique program that blends energy and spiritual healing, coaching and mentoring, spiritual events, enriching classes, and guided meditations.

This comprehensive program is designed to provide a dynamic kickstart, empowering participants to begin transforming their ideas into tangible results.The entire program spans 60 transformative days.

What This Program Offers

Personal In-Person Sessions

  • Experience an invigorating Aromatherapy Raindrop Session to boost your energy and eliminate obstacles.
  • Clear your mind of limiting beliefs with our transformative ACCESS BARS Session.
  • Reconnect with lost fragments of your soul and accelerate your spiritual healing through Shamanic Healing.
  • Heal the past that’s influencing your present with our Past Life Regression Session.

Empower Yourself:

Throughout the program, you’ll acquire invaluable tools to navigate your daily life and realize your aspirations.

Online and Group Sessions

  • Benefit from 4 online mentoring/coaching sessions (30-45 minutes each) to integrate your experiences and achieve your intentions.
  • Unlock the healing potential of forgiveness through our online Forgiveness and Forgiveness Meditation.
  • Discover the art of working with Crystals and Pendulums.
  • Learn to harness the natural power of essential oils

Your investment in your happiness:
2-3 months of increased attention to yourself;
$895 (separate price $1,420);
Constant Conscious Life.

Remember, if you want to attain something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done before.

Don’t delay any longer; make a personal commitment and sign up now. Every minute spent in procrastination only takes you further from your happiness.  I look forward to welcoming you soon on your transformative journey