What is Shamanic Healing, Journey and How can it Help in Life

Shamanism is not a belief system or a religion, but rather a way of looking at our reality on a much deeper level, the way of communication with the invisible world around us to bring healing to the community as well as to each individual who is asking for healing. 

shamanic healing with sound healing illinoisThis healing is based on direct communication and personal experience with Spirit.

Shamanic healing is a spiritual level, not solely an energy healing, since it is a direct communication with one’s spirit.

The Shamanic Journey is a way of finding answers, information, healing, wisdom and knowledge as well as guidance or help with one’s personal life. 

During the Journey the journeer meets with spirits who may be regarded as ancestors, elders, gods, goddesses, deceased shamans, spirit guides, power animals and angels. These beings are seen as beings with great wisdom, power and the ones who are willing to help with guiding the living.

shamanic healing illinois chicagoWhat is shamanic healing help with?

Shamanic healing sessions or journeys are helpful when:

  • One is ready to move beyond old patterns, habits, and belief systems that no longer serve you
  • One has a desire to create more meaningful relationships with yourself and others.
  • Feel ‘blocked’ and are unsure as to how to move forward
  • One, who seeks a deeper relationship to nature and everything around us and is called to explore new levels of self-awareness
  • Feel helpless, lost, confused, or discouraged and seek genuine self-inquiry to move into greater emotional health, clarity, and balance.
  • Often in our society we struggle with the common feeling of there’s something missing and can stay in this mindset of scarcity and sadness. Shamanic healing provides the support and tools for genuine healing through the muddy waters of confusion, doubt, fear, depression, and overthinking.

With each Shamanic session you are able to reintegrate more and more aspects of yourself (of your soul) that have previously been lost, in order to become whole again.
This is what is described in shamanism as soul loss and has many different names in modern psychology.

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