Synching with the Feminine Transformational Energies of Earth

Have you felt the call of Mother Earth?

Ancient wisdom tells us that the Earth's energy is shifting from masculine to feminine, bringing a profound transformation.

According to Peruvian cosmo-vision, Earth's energies are anchored in two majestic mountains: the masculine energy in the Himalayas, represented by the mighty Mt. Everest, and the feminine energy in the Andes, symbolized by the awe-inspiring Aconcagua Mountain.
Every 13,000 years, these energies shift, and now, the spiritual center of power has moved from the Himalayas to the Andes.

This means the vibrant, nurturing energy of the Andes in South America is growing stronger, calling many to reconnect and realign with this profound shift.

This is why so many are drawn to Peru, Brazil, and other South American countries, seeking to embrace and harmonize with this new energy.

 If you are feeling this shift and wish to realign yourself with the Earth's changing energies for a more balanced and joyful life, we invite you to join us for our transformative events, trips, and retreats.

June 20: Summer Solstice Celebration in Illinois – Join us in Highland Park for the “Magic of Sacred Femininity" event.

October / November: Sacred Journey to Peru – Discover your hidden powers on this magical trip.

December – January: New Year in Costa Rica – Start your year with a revitalizing retreat.

Reconnect with the Earth's vibrant energies and find your inner balance. Join us on these magical journeys and become part of the transformation.