New Energies of Transformation – Planetary New Year July 26

Recently many people report feeling weak, loss of energy and other illnesses.
When we will understand what is happening with our planet and other Stars around the Earth, it may help people not to get scared by every little pain or uncomfortable feeling.

Whether we want to accept it or not, we all live according to the Cosmic rhythms which affect the whole Earth and all living things on the planet. 

Our evolution, the evolution of human consciousness, is to discover the Divine nature that is hidden within each of us. We humans contain the entire Divine potential, just as any part of a hologram contains the entire hologram.
For the evolution of humanity, certain cosmic energies are periodically sent to the Earth, helping humanity to reveal this hidden information for evolution and transition to the next level – what we know as the 5th Dimension.

According to the Mayan calendar, July 26th is the Mayan New Year – the Planetary New Year. 

From July 26th to August 12th, the Earth is getting downloads of very strong energies, which can also overexert some people and make them feel bad and strange.

This is the period of the growth of our Divine EMOTIONAL intelligence, which becomes more conscious and more developed.

Under the influence of new high energies, very strong transformation is happening for many – the cleansing of the old and unnecessary. These transformation will take different forms and shapes for different people, depending on their karmic baggage as well as their level of consciousness

If you are feeling bad -remember that we all depend on Divine energies that are sent on Earth, look in to the Sky before panicing.

The strongest transformational energy portal is From July 26 to August 12.

During the time of Portals and other strong times of the year, IT IS IMPORTANT TO REALIZE:

What exactly do these energies of the portal highlighted in you?

Which blocks hinder the free movement of energy?


  • Get the understanding you need about yourself 
  • Understand your processes going on inside and outside
  • This will start you moving towards your fulfilled and harmonious life

Are you ready to help yourself energetically and physically ?

 The following techniques that will help you during this time of transformation to ease and speed up the process: