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4 Days Private Intense Emotional Healing Retreat in April – Arizona

Heal yourself April 14-17 or April 18-21 in Sedona When you are tired of suffering and are ready to start changing your life, choose this intense 4 days private retreat with Nina-Bastet “Emotional Healing Changed my Life” When I came to private retreat with Nina in 2017, I was a mess. The retreat was my last option before going to start using antidepressants. It was a very difficult time for me. The retreat with Nina’s coaching made me realize that my life could become much more then it is. It open up for me the new horizons an changed my […]

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Private Shamanic Healing Retreat in Puerto Vallarta – November 1on1

November, December 1 on 1 Retreat in mexico Handcrafted just for your needs Private retreat in Mexico will be designed around your needs and goals. “Great Transformation during Shamanic Healing Retreat” When I attended the private retreat it was total different experience from my usual group ones. I had a total attentions to my need, 2 and some days even 3 practitioners work with me. The kambo medicine I had here, was much stronger then I had before and the results I had worth every dollar spent. Thanks a lot Nina and Diego. Jim Heinrich Boost Start Your Spiritual & […]

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Tucson Gemstone Show Heart & Chakras Balancing Retreat

See full description and reserve your Tucson Gemstone Show Heart & Chakras Balancing Retreat You will be learning, healing and having fun at the Tucson Gemshow. You will choose your power-crystal on the gem show. Create a sacred space in your heart by opening the heart center. During the retreat you will be connecting deeply with the Mineral Kingdom of Mother Nature. Release blocks and unlock your true potential and purpose with conscious breath work, meditation, and other spiritual practices. Every year for about 2.5 weeks Tucson hosts the Giant of all Gem Shows, the largest of its kind in […]

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Mexico Puerto Vallarta Shamanic Medicine Healing Retreats

This November we are holding Spiritual Wellness Retreats at Puerto Vallarta with the use of Shamanic Practice and Medicine    (group retreats)  You can Also Book your Private 1 on 1  retreat or couples and groups, for up to 4 participants  We offer you to start your road to HAPPINESS with this Emotional Healing Retreat in the tropical paradise of Mexico. During these 7 days you will learn and practice spiritual techniques that you will be ably to practice at home. All these practices brought happiness to many thousands of people. We will be using shamanic healing techniques to help […]

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Tour to Peru for Wellness Retreats with Ayahuasca – to Machu Picchu and Sacred Valley

Heal Your Emotional Traumas to Reduce Your Life Stress – Wellness Retreat with Ayahuasca and Kambo in Peru. Join us for Unbelivable Experience! We offer you to start your road to HAPPINESS with this Emotional Healing and Detox Retreat in Peru. You can participate in Ayahuasca ceremonies (3 included) or you do not have to. During these 7 days you will learn and practice spiritual techniques, get knowledge about working with your emotions and your body for happy life and emotional balance, will learn about Access Consciousness Practices, learn Vipassana silence meditation and more. All these practices brought happiness to […]

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