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Shamanic Healing Session – Private Healing Session

Shamanic spiritual energy Healing sessions can help with the following issues:

  • Depression
  • Emotional or health issues related to your ancestry
  • Past emotional traumas that continue to trouble you
  • Apathy, numbness, lack of vitality or fatigue
  • An unhealthy attachment to any individual
  • Chronic illness or weak immune system
  • Feelings of emptiness
  • Feelings of watching your life from the outside
  • Inexplicable mood swings or personality shifts
  • A tendency toward addictions and destructive behaviors
  • Repetitive negative behavior patterns
  • Memory gaps
  • Other post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms
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Aromatherapy Consultation For Life Improvement and Healing

Aromatherapy Consultation for Life Improvement and Healing takes around 2 hours and could be done online of in person in Wheeling IL. Aromatherapy and use of Essential Oils can help you in many aspects of your life. Use of essential oils and aromatherapy and how it use can help with the following issues: Chronic fatigue; Chronic colds or flu; Depression,  anxiety,  mood swings; Immune system issues; Pain; And more. During the consultation I will select and recommend the essential oils needed to help with your issues. A special regimen for home use of essential oils will be designed according to […]

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Chakra Balancing With Gemstones & Essential Oils Healing Session

Chakras are the main energy centers in the body. There are 7 main chakras, which we mostly talk about. Each chakra is correlated to specific body parts and organs. The balance of chakras are important, since imbalances in them cause physical dysfunctions as well as connected to our mental and emotional well being. The connection of all body systems is well known in any Holistic Healing system. Such as it is important to understand, that any physical issue we have creates imbalance in our emotional behavior, as well as when we release the emotional imbalances, it can undo any tightness, […]

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Post Separation, Divorce Healing Coaching Program

Sometimes, when a couple crosses the Rubicon in their relationship and when there is no way back to a good life together, Divorce is becoming the next step. Divorce or a separation is a very stressful life and especially, when you still care about the other person. How to deal with emotions and feelings that are making you weep during the divorce process? How to deal with all this guilt, shame and blame that are making you go to emotional breakdowns? Divorce Coach can help. What to do with the anger or fears that are very strong and you may […]

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nina Bastet spiritual writer

Healing and Transformation 2 Month Program: Your Path to a New You!

Frequently, individuals have a wealth of ideas and noble intentions to enhance their lives. Despite their aspirations, year after year, they struggle to take action, falling into a cycle of starting and quitting, or worse, never even taking that initial step.

Regrettably, this is a common challenge faced by many.

Numerous reasons and explanations can be attributed to this challenge, but one vital yet often overlooked factor is our energy levels and THE LACK OF ENERGY.

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New Energies of Transformation – Planetary New Year July 26

Recently many people report feeling weak, loss of energy and other illnesses. When we will understand what is happening with our planet and other Stars around the Earth, it may help people not to get scared by every little pain or uncomfortable feeling. Whether we want to accept it or not, we all live according to the Cosmic rhythms which affect the whole Earth and all living things on the planet.  Our evolution, the evolution of human consciousness, is to discover the Divine nature that is hidden within each of us. We humans contain the entire Divine potential, just as […]

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Women Health by Herbal Tamponized Capsules “Princess Pearl”

Women’s health is impossible without the health of all women’s internal organs. I found a unique product that has been used in European countries for decades with great results. These herbal products are tamponized capsules with the medicinal composition of Traditional Chinese Medicine for cleaning the female body. The results that are noted by the European medical community are unbelievable. These Tamponized Capsules are made by a reputable Chinese Company – Fohow. I tried these capsules myself and had great results. In my opinion, these pearls are needed by any self-respecting woman. That is, we are now talking about women […]

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Nauli Practice illinois

Nauli Practice for Wellness – Vacuum Stomach Self Massage

There is a rule in Yoga that each muscle should move at least once a day. This brings our energy back into flow and releases blockages. Energy is like water. Standing water becomes impure and rotted, when the flowing water, on the other hand, always remains pure.  To stay healthy and keep our youth we also should move the muscles of our abdomen and intestines daily, those are the muscles that mostly get ignored. In our society, people have so much pain accumulated in the stomach area, that even during the massage session it is mostly not touched by the […]

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