Magic Summer Solstice Retreat 2019 with Nina Bastet

June 21 – is considered an important turning point on the Wheel of the Year. Reality and dreams are mixed, the boundaries between the worlds become thinner. This day symbolizes the maximum peak, rise, takeoff, ecstasy, both in nature and in human life.

Dreaming prophetic dreams and dreams from the future. This is one of the most magical periods of time. Through direct contact of a person with the elemental forces of the Earth, desires are made, the future is corrected.

The Summer Solstice holiday embodies fertility, abundance, glory, triumph, generosity, fullness of life, happiness. Cheerfulness, vitality, fun reign in this shortest of earthly nights. From a mystical point of view, this holiday combines all four elements at once – fire, water, earth, air. Therefore, the Spirits of these elements rejoice and have fun with people.

We used this unique day given to us by nature to bring LOVE into our lives and in the lives of our loved ones.

We celebrated this day with joy and loving energies and this helped to fill our world with love and joy.

We spent these nights and 2 days in nature, in Wisconsin, where we fully connected with nature and were filled with the energies of this wonderful magical time.

This is a magical day and we performed magical shamanic rituals to attract more love and light in to our lives and to the world.