Ayahuasca Retreat Peru with Shamanic Healing 2016, 2018 Customers Testimonials

Ayahuasca retreat brings to the participants a great clarity, emotional healing and detoxication to your mind and body. We will help you to form your intentions for the ceremonies as well as go through the integration process to get better results from your journey.

What is Ayahuasca healing?

On physical level, Ayahuasca healing clears your body from emotional and energetic blocks, and can be considered as one of the emotional releases techniques.
During Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru or Costa Rica the healing will get to the root of the issues, remove the root and by doing that,  the issue should be eliminated completely.  This process at some cases can be as fast, as one Ayahuasca ceremony, but at many cases it will require longer time.
The way your body and mind will process the issue is not the conscious choice, so do not try to speed the process.  Ayahuasca will work at the speed at which you body and mind will be able to process it and it will stretch you to the limits..

Andrew, UK: Aya Retreat Peru

I was totally lost and did not know which road to choose. I wanted to do one thing, but life was pushing me to accept the work I did not like, the relatives were advising me to take the offer. I could not make a choice. Aya did showed me the way. To surrender to whatever needs to be done at the present time and keep moving with my hobby step by step. It showed me my mistakes in the previous lives, where I was so impatient and made many mistakes. More info was given and need to get the integration. The process is started, need more work. Great transformation started during this Ayahuasca retreat.

Sharon, Texas: Aya Retreat Peru

I was in the state of depression and on medication for many years. My family situation was horrible, but I was really scared to change. How to divorce, when you have 3 kids, what would people say…? My parents are very religious Catholics, the divorce is not acceptable in our culture. This life became impossible and my emotions were getting worse every day.
I was recommended to go on retreat for emotional healing with Ayahuasca. I think it was the best thing I did for the last 15 years of my life. I received a lot of clearings, found out the karmic issues behind the situations. Not following my heart desires, listening to other people’s opinions, no self-respect and many fears were presented not only in this life but in many previous ones. I lived through those past life experiences, was able to forgive myself and some people around me.
But I feel that this is only the beginning and much more work is required. But the healing has started and I will continue. I already feel much better, I think I will not need my medication anymore. Will see… The Ayahuasca experience is difficult, but the changes it has brought in my life is amazing.
It is sure not for everyone, you need to be called by Aya and then you will know it will help. Thank you for the great experience and healing!

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