Private Self Love Retreat Costa Rica 2016 with Nina-Bastet

After my private self-love retreat with Nina I had drastic changes in my life. My friend told me about Nina and her unbelievable experience with her and I came  from Poland to Costa Rica to meet with Nina. I am happy about my decision to retreat. During the retreat I realised that for more than 15 years I was in co-dependant situation and that is where much of my unhappiness and illnesses were coming from. During the retreat I gained real self-confidence, understood what I really want from life, what will make me happy. THis was a real start for my unconditional love to myself and self-respect. When I got back home to Poland, I made huge changes in my life, the ones, I was too scared to make for many years.

The retreat was a great and fun experience. Aliluya!

Maria, Poland