Q&A – Answers to the Most Frequent Client’s Questions 

Q&A – Answers to the Most Frequent Client’s Questions


Client’s Question

How often do I need to participate in ceremonies? What for?

Every time you participate in the healing ceremony; either shamanic, religious, or magical: such as Pujas, Despacho, Fire, Sweat Lodge, The Wheel of the Year ceremonies or any other spiritual ceremonies; you are changing your life,
releasing emotional and physical blocks from your energy field,
filling your field up with lighter healing energies, 

could be cleansing your karmic connection
and definitely raising your vibrations and becoming lighter.

It is up to you to decide how often you need it.
How often do you take a shower to stay clean?
How often do you eat to get energy for life?
How often do you communicate with society and other people and get low vibrations, “negativity” from it?
Look at what is important for you at this period of your life.

I personally go to different ceremonies at least 2 times per month: Sweat Lodge and Pujas and others, in addition to other practices daily.
This is my choice, you need to make yours, the one that will help you in life. 

Client’s Question

How often do you organize ceremonies?

I am organizing a larger – The Wheel of the Year ceremonies; which happens at least 4 times per year: Winter and Summer Solstices and Fall and Spring Equinoxes, which include Despacho & Fire and other rituals.

I also organize smaller ceremonies around 1 time per month. It could be Cacao Ceremony, Tea Ceremony, Despacho and others. I would be glad to meet new attendees and definitely will be glad to see our regular friends.

2016 – 2022

Client’s Question

       Why, after a ceremony or a spiritual session, it is better to be alone and communicate with as few people as possible.

During the session and ceremonies, you open your energy space, you are freed from various types of “negativity”, heavy energies. You need to have some time to work through what happened to you in the session, to integrate the experience you just had.
Even if it seems that nothing has happened, changes are happening at a deep level. they need to be given a chance to settle down.
When you go into society in such an open state, you are easily offended, jinxed, you can easily gain back what you just let go, because you still have not integrated it yet.

Client’s Question

      Why drink a lot of water and take a shower after a ceremony or spiritual session?

During energy and spiritual sessions and ceremonies, there is a cleaning from “negative”, stagnant, worked out, but not released, energies and blocks as well as different types of entities.

Water helps clear energy. Same way as you would drink a lot of water during an illness to rinse out what caused the illness, the released energies are of similar type as illnesses and after the session they need to be rinsed out from your energy field.

Client’s Question

     Why do I feel tired after a practice or ceremony, and sometimes even really bad?

At each ceremony, your energy bodies are cleansed as you enter a space of high energy vibrations.

During the ceremony, there is a connection to high-frequency energies, such as energies of Goddesses, Energies of Angels, Elemental Spirits. Those very high vibrational energies are pushing out and partially replacing the low vibrational energies (“bad energies’ ‘)  from your bodies and your field with the higher frequencies. Your body is not used to such high vibrations and needs time for adjustment.

Client’s Question:
What is the integration process, why is it needed after a healing session or ceremony?

There are many different kinds of energies, entities and thought forms that coexist in your body and your energy field.
It takes a lot of practice and time to clear out the low vibrations and replace it with high energy.
During the healing process, after each healing session or ceremony, you need time to integrate the experience and accept those high vibrational energies that partially replaced the low ones.

Inside of your field “a war” may happen. Old energies, your old patterns, old thoughts and emotions do not want to leave your field, they will fight.
You need to stay very conscious, stay positive, work with very “negative” thoughts or emotions that will come out during that time and convert them into positive ones. You will need to do constant cleansing and any practices to raise your vibration.
You need to make sure that all you already gained, you will keep and step by step, session after session, ceremony after ceremony will be able to change your life for the best!

Client’s Question 

Please explain in a simple way what will happen to me during the spiritual ceremony or healing session?

Imagine a dirty dark space full of cockroaches. When you turn on the light, they scatter.

At the same time, they panic, fear, they collide with each other, crap, etc.

A similar thing happens in your energy field when high Divine vibrations – LIGHT, begin to displace various blocks and fears and other things that live in your subconscious and prevent you from living. 

Keep reading to understand the process more clearly.

Client’s Question 

   During meditation, I start feeling pain, itching or other unpleasantness in different parts of the body, sometimes it is hot, sometimes cold. What is it?

This almost always happens, it’s just that before you didn’t pay enough attention to your body and its signs to you to feel it. Now during meditation, you have become aware of the signals from your body. You need to keep paying attention to your body signals at all times, not only during the meditation. 

And what happens, I repeat what I already wrote:

Imagine a dirty dark space where a lot of cockroaches live. When the LIGHT 💡 is turned on, they scatter. At the same time, they panic, fear, they collide with each other, crap, etc.

A similar thing happens in your energy field when you are high.

Divine vibrations – LIGHT, begins to displace various blocks and fears that live in our subconscious and prevent us from living.

Client’s Question

What energy do you connect to during the ceremonies?

Depending on the ceremony, I invite different energies for the ceremony – these are various Spiritual Beings who come to help us.

For example:

The Spirit  of Fire, Spirits of Wind, of Water, Pachamama – Mother Earth and many other Spirits of Helpers, Angels and Teachers come to the ceremony of Fire.

I invite the Spirit of Cocoa to the Cocoa Ceremony

I invite the Goddess to whom the ceremony is dedicated to the Ceremony of Goddesses.

Client’s Question

  Why during or after the ceremony it becomes cold or hot or tired or a lot of energy or very little energy or weakens or the stomach hurts or the head hurts or and so on.

If this happens, I can congratulate you! 

You got what you needed – a very strong and powerful cleansing of your energy field – some block or old energy was released and cleared. If you need to know what was released and you invest your time and effort into the process, you may receive the information  about what kind of transformation happened.

But you may not need to know or not ready to know what exactly changed in your energy field, in this case just integrate the change and become lighter!

Each organism reacts in its own way, we all are very unique and need to honor that. Even similar symptoms mean totally different processes for each one.

When such a situation occurs during a healing or spiritual practice or a ceremony, it happens for your benefits according to your intentions.

It is a completely different matter if this happens in ordinary life, after some kind of communication or event.

This is completely different, and most likely NOT for good. Be attentive to the reactions of your body!

Remember that you come to all ceremonies in order to make changes in your life.

When you feel these changes accept them with joy!

In order for a new to enter into your life, the old and obsolete must leave and make room for change!

For example:

 You want wealth, poverty must leave as well as the many causes of poverty;

You want to get married, loneliness and its reasons must cleanse out;

You ask for health, diseases and their causes must go away;

And so on with everything – while the place is occupied, those benevolent changes that you are asking for cannot come – there is  simply no place for them.

The place for the new and positive changes is liberated through various cleansings that occur during your spiritual development, during spiritual practices, seminars, ceremonies and retreats.