Subtle Energy and it Role in Balanced Life and Happiness

Energy is the fundamental principle of all that exists: thoughts, feelings, actions, emotions are all different types of energy.

Word “Energy” comes from the ancient Greek language meaning action, force, power. Energy, this is what the universe consists of; it is that which has the ability to transform into different kinds of energy and can give us different powers.
Existence of the subtle energy has long been discovered and confirmed by science and cannot be denied anymore.

The denial of energy existence and its influence on our daily life is an outdated stereotype of public consciousness which was in denial of existence of anything beyond our availability to see and touch.

Nikola Tesla said: “When science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

Our entire planet also has energy and we know it frequency, which is called Schumann Resonance. We, humans, are able to influence the energy-informational structure а of our planet as well as ordinary objects. Human negative thoughts, actions, words distort the energy of the earth, and it in turn responds to people in the same way. This is manifested in catastrophes, natural disasters and other negative phenomena.

All ordinary objects have their own energy-informational structure, as well as the objects made by human hands carry the energy of their creator or their owner. This means that the things that a person creates with Love carry the same energy and are able to give positive emotions to other people. And vice versa, if an object is made with hatred, indifference, anger, it remains an ordinary object that emits only negative energy.
This also applies to the gift given to you and other objects in your possessions. We all know the stories in history of unlucky diamonds, cars and even plants that made their owners sick or even die. 

You experience the influence of an object’s energy without even paying attention to it many times in life: when sometimes you like an object or painting, while others cause negative emotions or leave you indifferent, regardless of the skill of their manufacture.
This is due to the type of energy which the author input in to the object while creating it, and how the above energy influence you. If the vibration frequency of this object (subtle energy) coincides with your energy, it attracts you, if not; you will not like this object or work of art.

What the sciences and teachings of antiquity knew thousands of years ago, modern science was able to prove only recently.

For example, for thousands of years in oriental medicine, all states of a person and his body have been associated with various types of human vital energy. They knew, if there is not enough energy or it is distributed unevenly, a person gets sick either physically or mentally or emotionally or negative character traits are formed in this person.

Disease of the body and the person’s psychological state in the Eastern medicine are not separated. Therefore, when an oriental doctor takes up the treatment of a patient, he seeks to correct both the physiological and psychological problem through changes in his energy field and influencing the energy centers, energy channels and using other methods of changing the subtle energies of a person.

After all, no one will argue with the fact that the presence of both physical and psychological problems, as well as negative character traits, spoils a person’s life and makes a person unhappy.
By changing the subtle energy of a person, you can correct his emotional and physical state and help someone to live in a state of happiness and health.

Understanding the energetic nature and structure of the Universe, of everything around us as well as our human’s structure will help you to find many non-traditional ways to change your life for the better.

For a happy life on our planet Earth and in our physical reality, we need the knowledge and understanding of the Universal laws.

Our body, our mind, our thoughts are in a constant and dynamic exchange of energy with the Universe.

With our thoughts and actions, we can either accelerate and support this exchange of energy and fill the world with blessed and positive energy or on the contrary, disrupt the balance of our world by introducing low-vibration (“negative”) energies into it.

When we bring the blessed energies of love into the world, the world will repay us with the same energy a hundred times more.

We need to raise our vibrations, raise our energies to share it with the world.

In order to do so, we need to keep our thoughts, emotions and deeds positive. Sometimes it is hard, because there are still many people who are in the low vibrations and like to stay where they are. It is a choice: to be happy and positive or to stay in the negativity and keep destroying themselves.
By accepting everyone’s choices we will bring more positivity into the world and the time will come when the world will change to the better.

Eliminating negativity from your field takes time and work.
You do it by following the necessary steps:

 All these steps little by little need to be done. The best way is to start from your physical body and your living area. By doing it first, you will start raising your energy, which will help you to work with your thoughts and emotions.

 There are many different techniques and practices to help you achieve your goals.

Negative Energy Removal, Home Energy Cleansing Service

Some are listed on this site, and many others are available elsewhere. You need to find the right practitioner and the practice just for you, not depending on someone else’s opinions, but by understanding your needs and desires. Each one of us is unique and has their own needs.

Start your way to happiness!

Bring love to the world, and you will be happy!



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