Negative Energy Removal from Home or Office – Energy Cleansing Service Helps Balancing and Restore Vitality

In order to raise your energy level and to be happy and healthy you need to live in a good energetic place and be surrounded by good energy.

Often our environment got clogged by low vibration stagnant energy. When one lives in a home with a lot of stagnant energy it has a negative influence on the mood, health and other conditions of the occupants. The family living in the “dirty “ energy home will have more arguments, occupants of that home will get sick more often, will try to run away from home, by coming home late or not coming at all.

This kind of situation creates a vicious circle: the energy of the home becomes worse, the people in that place become more and more unhappy and more problems arise.

With the office space the situation is even more important. The”bad “ energy in the office may be an obstacle in the way of business growth and the way for easy money flow.

The living space and the office environment needs to have regular energy cleanse in addition to the physical cleaning.
The process can be learned and performed by the owner of the place.

The most difficult it the first time and often the professional help will be needed.

We perform the professional Negative Energy Removal, Home and Office Energy Cleansing Services.

During the service we can teach you (per customer’s request – extra time needed) and you will be able to do it yourself monthly or as needed.

The service usually takes between 2 and 4 hours, depending on the size of space, amount of items at the place, cleanliness and other. 

To order the service, you need to place your order online with prepayment for the first 2 hours. The balance if required will need to be paid in cash before the end of visit.
After we receive your order we will call you to arrange the service day and time and will send you the short questionnaire to get sizes of your home or office.

We may ask you to send us the pictures of your place, so we can bring some extra cleansing tools if needed for the specific purposes and to give you a better estimate of how many hours of work it requires. 

Negative Energy Removal Service price: first 2 hours – $500;  and $200 per hour after that. 

You can also request a quote by sending your place size, description and location information to us.

Request your quote for Negative Energy Removal, Home or Office Energy Cleansing Service now.

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