Saraswati Jayanti, How to Attract Goddess Saraswati Blessings Into Your Life

The goddess Saraswati is the patroness of 64 arts, skills that everyone is beneficial to possess. 

Every Hindu God and Goddess has a dedicated day and festival when they are venerated. 

Saraswati Jayanti, Basant Panchami

is purely dedicated to Saraswati, the Goddess of wisdom, knowledge, arts, and science. This year, 2022, the Saraswati Jayanti will be celebrated on February 5.
Year 2023  – Wed, 15 February 2023

To develop those arts in your life, you can honor Goddess Sarswati by doing yourself or participating in the ceremonies dedicated to Goddess Saraswati

Water Abishekam (Hydration Ceremony) to Saraswati

Water is the most common item used in the Abishekam.
Performing this Abishekam to Goddess Saraswati can bestow her blessing to dispel ignorance, illuminate the mind, increase the ability to learn and retain knowledge, and help you excel in your chosen field.

Milk Abishekam (Hydration Ceremony) to Saraswati

Milk is used as an ingredient to invoke blessings of good health and long life. Performing Milk Abishekam to Goddess Saraswati can gain her grace for a long, purpose-filled life free of afflictions and impediments to progress.

Honey Abishekam (Hydration Ceremony) to Saraswati

Honey is a sweet nectar that is well known for its medicinal properties. Performing Honey Abishekam to Goddess Saraswati can invoke her blessings for a sweet voice, good oratorical skills, remove struggle and strife, and provide overall wellbeing.

Tender Coconut Water Abishekam (Hydration Ceremony) to Saraswati

As per traditional belief, Tender Coconut Water Abishekam is believed to bestow happiness and the family’s overall welfare. Propitiating Goddess Saraswati with Coconut Water can gain her immense blessings of spiritual cleansing and growth, thereby allowing you to tap into the Divine energy and experience joy and contentment.

Curd Abishekam (Hydration Ceremony) to Saraswati

According to sacred texts, Curd has been used as an ingredient for Abishekam to help clear obstacles and promote good health. Performing Curd Abishekam to Goddess Sarawati can help gain her blessing for good and obedient children, fertility, and children’s overall wellbeing.

Rose Water Abishekam (Hydration Ceremony) to Saraswati

Rose Water Abishekam can bestow blessings of positivity and prosperity. Performing Rose Water Abishekam to Goddess Saraswati can help you eliminate negative character traits, calm your mind, balance emotions, make good decisions, and provide relationship blessings.

Turmeric Abishekam (Hydration Ceremony) to Saraswati

Turmeric is an important ingredient used for healing and promoting good health. Performing this Abishekam can invoke the blessings of Goddess Saraswati for auspiciousness, recovery from ailments, and marital bliss.

Sandal Paste Abishekam (Hydration Ceremony) to Saraswati

This fragrant and expensive ingredient is widely used for its curative properties. Performing this Abishekam to Goddess Saraswati can bestow her blessings for good luck and sound health.

Saraswati Homa (Fire Lab For Intelligence & Academic Success)

This Homa invokes the blessings of Saraswati, the Goddess of wisdom and arts. Invoking her in a Homa can enhance intelligence, memory power, logic and reasoning skills. It can help remove impediments hindering successful accomplishments in academics.

Benefits of Saraswati Homa

According to sacred texts, offering your prayers to Saraswati through Homa can bestow the following blessings:

Sharpen memory and skill sets

Hone intellect and communication skills

Instill confidence to achieve great success

Be an inspiration for others to emulate

Help accomplish goals

Attain academic success and excel in examinations

If you are not ready for the ceremonies, start doing other creative ventures in Honor of Goddess Saraswati, until you will grow for more extencive ceremonies.

Saraswati’s favor is not easy to win. But if She comes, she will not leave. Once you have received knowledge, it is always with you. If you master some kind of art, it is with you for life.