Saraswati the Goddess of Creativity, Art, Magnificence

Saraswati is the Vedic Goddess, the creative energy of the Creator God of the Universe. Goddess of wisdom, speech and poetry. Mother of the sacred Vedas. The embodiment of all knowledge, sciences and arts. The patroness of all rivers.

What comes into our life when the Goddess begins to patronize us?

 If Saraswati renders her mercy to someone this person acquires extraordinary charm, magnificence, a sense of taste in everything (for example, in clothes), calmness, an excellent memory, a developed intellect and beautiful speech.

It is the goddess Saraswati who endows a person with splendor. By Her grace, he is honored and respected, receives awards and favors for his contribution to a particular field of science, art and literature. All this brings true harmony and benefit to the entire planet and the universe.

 Saraswati’s favor is not easy to win. But if She comes, she will not leave. Once you have received knowledge, it is always with you. If you master some kind of art, it is with you for life.
Material success, power, wealth, luck come and go, but our inner wealth always stays with us. This is the principle of Saraswati.

Mother, in relation to our desires.
A friend in our difficulties.
A constant calm adviser and mentor, dispersing clouds of gloom, irritability and depression with Her radiant smile.
A constant reminder of ever-present help.
Pointing to the eternal sunrise.
She is firm and calm.
By overcoming everything, giving a deep continuous impulse, it draws us to gaining the integrity of Our higher nature.
All the work of other forces rests on what She completes. For She provides the material foundation, develops the details, straightens and strengthens the structural framework.

 What can cause the wrath of the Goddess Saraswati?

Saraswati does not tolerate disorder and dirt, deceit, hypocrisy and duality, betrayal, adultery, lies and swearing, a tendency to chatter, information omnivorousness, plagiarism, any distortion of knowledge, especially spiritual ones, rudeness and aggression in behavior, lack of culture, a tendency to hectic and hasty decision making.

It deprives the vitality and peace of those who create music, paint pictures, create architectural projects, write books and poems that destroy the consciousness of other people and disharmony the surrounding space.

How to attune with the energies of Saraswati and attract them into your life?

 Play music, sing, dance, draw pictures, do literature or anything else creative.
Learn a new profession that will give you creative freedom.
Sign up for creative courses.
Engage in learning languages ​​or something in which you can be useful to others.
Invest in an art hobby.
Write creative ideas in your diary.
At the same time, take time for your soul: chant mantras, read spiritual books, meditate.
Transform your home space creatively with Vastu or Feng Shui.
Hang a picture of the Goddess or a Saraswati yantra in the northern sector of your house/apartment.
Astrology, art, creativity, the study of foreign languages, etc. – all this knowledge reveals Saraswati in us.
Aim is the bija mantra of Saraswati. To the one who reads this mantra, all knowledge is revealed, and everything that this person says will surely come true.

Goddess Saraswati Flowers, Minerals

Goddess Saraswati manifests her energy through all flowers, which have a very strong and pleasant fragrance and white color. For example, flowers of champa, lilac, jasmine, bird cherry, magnolia, apple trees. Use these flavors.

The minerals associated with the energy of Saraswati, amethyst, heliotrope, olivine, mother-of-pearl, charoite, chrysolite and white jade are associated. From metals – silver.

Also among Her symbols are a rosary of white transparent crystal beads. Use these decorations.

Saraswati is associated with white and transparent objects, indicating Her purity, because She personifies sattva. Sattva is always purity, luminosity, not bright, muted, pure colors.

Contemplate the white autumn moon.

Make upayas (astrological corrections) on Wednesdays to improve the quality of Mercury in your natal chart.

Book pujas and yagnas for Goddess Saraswati and Mercury.

Cultivate the attitude:
My life is filled with creativity and inspiration.
I easily and joyfully move along the path of spiritual evolution