How to Prepare and Choose an Offering for the Ceremony – Need to Know

When you are preparing your offering for the ceremony, either dry or fresh flowers, or anything else you asked to bring, you need to remember the following:

  • You are making an offering as your gratitude for your life and everything in it you already have.
  • This offering is the gratitude for all the future benefits you are asking for in your prayers.
  • Treat this as a gift to a very important “person”, this is a gift to the Higher Forces, on which your whole life depends.
  • Prepare it with good heart, with love and gratitude and choose the best thing you are able to get at your present life circumstances.
  • Prepare it with a good heart, with love and gratitude, and choose the best that you can afford under the current circumstances of life.
  • Offerings to the Higher Powers during ceremonies are the last thing you should try to save on!
  • Your good intention, compassion and open heart are very important.

fire ceremony northbrook illinois Remember that the results you get from the ceremony depend entirely on your participation, your willingness to give and share.

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