Aphrodite Goddess Why Important for Women Happiness to Activate Her Archetype

When Aphrodite is present the whole world acquires a golden glow. She is the one who gives creativity, who represents renewal and hope.
Only the Aphrodite that is a part of a woman can inspire men as well as women. Creativity, inspiration, love, passion, all these are governed by this goddess.

Even though the Aphrodite’s magic and powers are available and beneficial for a woman of any age, any sexual orientation, this Aphrodite Awakening 8 Week Course is designed for women ages from 35 to 50.

The small group classes will be happening in Wheeling IL (the exact address will be send to you after the registration to the 1st class)
The 1st session will be set as a separate event, so you will be able to make a decision about the course.

Aphrodite is the goddess of both spiritual and passionate love and it is the most contradictory and oppressed archetype of the female essence.
Every woman needs to have an Aphrodite archetype actively expressed in order to live a happy life. 

In different stages of life a different Goddess rules a woman’s life, but at the same time other Goddesses also need to be present in the psyche of a woman, in order for a woman to have a balanced life and balanced emotions.

Our Goddess Awakening Course starts with the Aphrodite – The Alchemical Transformative Goddess.

Why Aphrodite?

Aphrodite is the only Goddess in the Greek pantheon that has magical powers of transformation of everything around her into “gold”. 

Whenever a woman with active Aphrodite consciousness is present, magical energy is generated; love is taken to its highest vibrations and intense, well-being is surrounding the lovers or the people she loves, conversation sparks with it stimulates creativity and the thought process and feelings. 

This Goddess will help a woman to manifest who she really is, to manifest her creativity, to open herself into the sexuality and to be able to express the sexuality the way that will inspire her partner and other people around her to creativity.

By expressing Aphrodite, women will be able to open up her partner to his creative Eros, to help him to connect to his feminine side (which in our society is mostly lost by men), which relates to his undeveloped capacity for feeling and relationship.

This program will help women, who are having difficulties in building balanced relationships and connecting in partnership to the worthy man, to achieve a sense of self worth, self appreciation, to connect to the creative life force of Aphrodite so they are able to find and connect their life to the right life partner.

Women will learn to build a mature love relationship, instead of getting involved with the wrong men by following only sexual attraction or a sense of fear of loneliness.

Women will be healing the wounding acquired in many lifetimes, where women’s beauty and powers were suppressed and their magical powers were slandered because of men’s fear of them. We will be restoring the sacred meaning of the Grail in our psyche – the symbol of the sacred vessel of blood, the cosmic uterus of the eternal great Mother, the beautiful part of an earthy woman. 

We will be restoring the forbidden for centuries abilities of a woman – the ability to create, the ability to be a magical being who is able to offer her magical healing powers to the world. 

During the course of 8 sessions we will be connecting to the Goddess and her powers by using different spiritual practices.

We will be weaving a magical girdle from 7 beautiful cords  to always feel her powers, even after the end of the course or during different circumstances that may be happening during a woman’s life in society.

Even though the Aphrodite’s magic and powers are available and beneficial for a woman of any age, any sexual orientation, this course is designed for women ages from 35 to 50.

There are no prerequisites for the course, but the requirement is your determination to embrace your feminine self and undertake the journey of discovering your sexuality and your COMMITMENT to start healing your femininity so you are able to live by celebrating your inner and outer beauty.

You need to be ready, in cases if you had particular issues around sexuality whatever they are, it might include a history of sexual abuse or incest; illness; a broken heart; fear of intimacy; infertility;  a poor body image; aging; an unconventional sexual orientation or lifestyle or anything else – these issues WILL ARISE ALONG THE WAY, perhaps a number of times. You need to have a COMMITMENT TO FACE THOSE ISSUES.

See and register to the First Introductory (required to attend the course) session