Aphrodite Awakening Class 1 of 8 Week Course for Women

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Aphrodite Awakening Class 1 -Women age 35-50show details + $55.00 (USD)  

  • August 27, 2021
    6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

This is the first Introductory class for women, who are ready to become happy in their relationship with themselves, with their partners and all the people around. 

What You Will Learn During this Aphrodite Awakening Class #1

  • You will take a look at the women psyche from the point of the Goddesses archetypes that are occupying a woman's subconscious mind. The Goddesses' energies that are very powerful and very often are controlling women's lives, when unconscious about it.
  • You will understand why it is important to know about each Goddess and her powers and will be introduced to their main powers;
  • You will understand the reason we will be starting with Aphrodite Awakening out of all the Goddesses.
  • We will play a short version of Goddess in Every Women game to see your main archetype that is active in your life now
  • You will be explained the process of all other sessions in this course, so you are able to make a conscious decision about signing up for the course

This Session is required in order to attend the Course

Even if you will decide that you are not ready (for any reasons) to commit to the whole course, the knowledge you will receive during this class will help you to manage your life more consciously and get closer to a woman's happiness.

The Aphrodite’s magic and powers are available and beneficial for a woman of any age, any sexual orientation, but this course is designed for women ages from 35 to 50.

There are no prerequisites for the Aphrodite Awakening 8 Week Course, but the requirement is your determination to embrace your feminine self and undertake the journey of discovering your sexuality and your COMMITMENT to start healing your femininity so you are able to live by celebrating your inner and outer beauty.