Women Circles Illinois – Happy Women = Peaceful Planet

In modern realities, when we are constantly in a hurry somewhere, we don’t have time for something, when we are blown away by the information flow and constantly changing reality, when we have little or no time for ourselves… It is so important to slow down and stop. Take a deep breath and exhale.
Remember that you are a WOMAN!
And pay attention from external circumstances to your condition inside.

Women circles of like-minded people just helps in this, the space of the female circle becomes a necessary support .
Women’s circle is a space where you can relax your body and soul.
Where you can learn to hear and understand yourself.
Where the masks fall and we allow ourselves to be real: cry and laugh, support, understand and accept each other.
Where you can relax and open up!
Where it is very sincere and warm.
Where you can just BE YOURSELF!!!


A small pick at one of our recent women circles

One of the steps for women to become happier in life is to find other women who they can share with.

And Women’s Power Circles help women to fulfill this need.

Women’s Circles help to destress, to raise energy and improve moods, to support each other, to become more loving and compassionate, to become more feminine and to get their powers -Shakti stronger.

All these lead to a happier life.

Women’s Happiness helps our Society to get healthier by bringing peace to families.
When people are happy they do not need to show their aggression, they live more peacefully.

Women need to become happy and women’s circles is a small step on the road to happiness, but is one of the important ones.

Women to women communication and support systems are very important.
It was lost during the economic progress. Women communities were lost in our individualistic world.

We need to restore and rebuild women’s communities, which will help women to open up their hearts to other women, to start trusting relationships with each other to improve our society.

The belief that there are no friendships between women is a remake of the patriarchal society we live in.

In a community relationship women help each other instead of competing with each other. Raising children in a community is easier, they grow happier and become a better human.

Peaceful people leading to a peaceful world. 

Our intentions as humans is to live on a peaceful, happy planet! 

This is our rights by birth, but only by changing ourselves, we can change others and change the world. 

Happy women = strong women = happy families = peaceful men = peaceful society =