Why to do a Labyrinth Meditation, How to Walk a Labyrinth

Why to do a Labyrinth Meditation, How to Walk a Labyrinth

Labyrinths are one of the oldest forms of spiritual expression. They, and their related forms, spirals have been found dating back to Neolithic times. Egypt is the oldest source of them in written records.


We can look at a labyrinth as a representation of our life.

In our life we often do not know what path to follow and what we should do.
The Labyrinth will teach you, that whatever choice you make, when you step on the path, as long as you follow the path, you will get to the center. 

Sometimes it may feel that you are lost, sometimes, when you are so close to the center, something happens and you will get farther away from the center (your goal, your heart, your Deity, your transformation…..), 

but as long as you trust the path, you trust the Universe, the Powers who created this path 

and will keep going,

The center is the place of transformation, receiving blessing and connection with Spirit.

 The important decision that you need to make in your life, as well as in the Labyrinth meditation, is whether or not you are ready to step on the path.

When you step on the path, as long as you follow the path, you will get to the center! 

Most of the time you will walk the labyrinth with an intention which you choose before stepping in. 

You can choose the intention for healing for yourself, for another or for the entire collective.

You can ask for guidance, to receive inspiration, to come and give gratitude or to let go or release something….

How to walk a Labyrinth

  • When you approach a Labyrinth, state your name, state your intention for walking in it.
  • When you start walking the Labyrinth, remember that you are coming to the sacred site, a temple.
  • Before starting your journey ask for permission to enter, feel the answer.
  • If you can give an offering it will also be a great way to honor the spirits of the place.
  • Start walking and meditation;
  • When you get to the center, take some time to concentrate on your intention, connect to your heart and to the Spirit or to your Deity or to Goddess (whoever was assisting you in your work there), receive the blessings of the Center;
  • Start walking back, do it with knowing that something is changing, even though you may not feel it yet;
  • When you get to the entrance  give your thanks to the Spirits assisted you, the Spirit of the Labyrinth, to the Earth;
  • Take some time to integrate the experience, listen to your inner knowledge and possible new information that you will get after the walk.

Labyrinth’s History

Labyrinths from antiquity are found in diverse areas such as the Mediterranean, northern Europe, and pre-Columbian America.

According to different researches, they can mean different forms of experiences in different parts of the world, in different cultures.

Spanish mythologist, JE Cirlot writes, “The labyrinth denotes the world of existence – the pilgrimage in quest of the Center.”

Rene Guénon equates its symbolism to pilgrimage, “It is nothing other than the image of a spiritual center, as is every place of initiation.” The labyrinth corresponds to “the central point, which is, both macrocosmically as well as microcosmically, the point of communication with all the higher and lower states.”(Guénon, Fundamental Symbols; 144)

In ancient times, the labyrinth was considered the birth canal of the Great Goddess. 

SO walking it, may mean to you a spiritual birth. 

It is a deep and meaningful practice with so many layers of meaning.