Transpersonal Psychology Life Coaching

Transpersonal Counseling Psychology take a holistic view of human psychology, enhances the study of mind-body relations, spirituality, consciousness, and human trans formation.. Rather than viewing psychology from the perspective of mental health or illness, transpersonal psychology examines psychological experience along with the infinite realm of human spiritual phenomena that include mystical or religious experiences, intuition, different states of consciousness, creativity, and contemplative practice.
Transpersonal psychology is a spiritual depth psychology. Based on the principles of Jung, Rank, and Reich, this theory subscribes to the belief of a subconscious and super-conscious.
Transpersonal psychology uses positive influences, rather than the diseased human psyche and our defenses, as a model for the realization of human potential, it is a study of human growth and development.
It is the study of humanity’s highest potential, and recognizes that human beings are far more than just the body’s life experience. The transpersonal psychology model integrate the spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual, physical and creative being into one complete element and addresses the those components equally for the purpose of treatment.
Transpersonal Life Coaching
Transpersonal (aka Transformational) Life Coaching is a coaching method that supports people in search for purpose and fulfillment by removing limiting beliefs and creation of new perspectives.
Life coaching’s incorporated holistic approach guides people to find balance and fulfillment in the mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, creative and social areas of life and take a larger view.
Coaching helps people build self-esteem, deal with anger, learn communication skills, work through relationship issues, establish career objectives, move through life transitions, and enrich spirituality.
Transpersonal Coaching will not only focus on helping one to consciously design and achieve their personal life, relationship and career goals, the transpersonal approach goes beyond to a deeper level, opening into the inner values and needs of the whole person, in mind, body, and soul.
Transpersonal Coaching can help to achieve fulfilling life creating lingering levels of personal happiness, wholeness, excellence and success in the world.