The Modern Goddess Awakening – Women Retreat in Mexico Puerto Vallarta

goddess awakening retreats costa ricaWe are offering you to join us on that women empowering retreat in tropical paradise of Costa Rica. The retreat will help you to awaken your inner Goddess by embracing your Feminine powers. It created Especially for Smart, Conscious, Creative Women to Step Into Even More of Their Greatness using their feminine powers given to their by their birthrights as a women.

A lot of women in this world feeling anxiety or depression in spite of the potential for greatness that deep inside they can sense. Majority of women experience a huge gap between the highest potentials they know they could bring to the world and their daily life.
The reason for women unhappiness is the cultivation of a masculine version of power.

While women gained the freedom to do, be and have anything they want, that was not exactly the powers to cause women lives to flourish and thrive.

By embracing a masculine version of power (that was really necessary 50 years ago, but it went too far in this matter), women radically elevated their standards of living, while at the same time, harshly diminished the quality of life.

We are offering to you to evoke your powers, given to you by your birthrights as a women and the goddess during our

Femininity Empowering Retreat in Puerto Vallarta.
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