Propolis, Propolis Extract, Propolis Benefits

Propolis Elixir – Elixir Of Immortality.

Propolis – is one of the most mysterious of natural products . Neither beekeepers nor traditional healers, or even modern scientists still do not know much about the origin of propolis. Some believe that it is a resinous tree sap collected and fermented by bees to protect their hives. Others think that it is a product of the finest extraction of resinous substances produced directly from the pollen. Others believe that propolis independently synthesized in the body of bees.

There is no consensus regarding the chemical composition and propolis. Despite the common name, the composition of propolis is surprisingly diverse. Depending on the location, weather, seasons,  flowering time of plants and many other factors composition of propolis can change radically. Many scientists even believe that each serving of bee propolis is unique in its composition to every individual bee.

However, whatever it may be, all agreed, that propolis – a product of complex biological synthesis , which every time involved a variety of natural substances. As a result of these complex and unique processes, we see the appearance completely unique material, which has the widest range of therapeutic and prophylactic action and retains its biological activity for hundreds of years .

Doctors of Ancient Hellas considered propolis to be the elixir of immortality.

The curative properties of propolis extract are huge:

 Antibacterial and antiviral properties

Antibiotic properties of propolis are to date the most widely studied. This action is due to the presence of the whole spectrum of essential oils and volatile production of various plants. Particularly effective in this regard is the Siberian propolis, rich with volatile of conifers. Antibiotic action of propolis is now proved for the majority of infectious agents, including diseases such as influenza, pneumonia, bronchitis, tuberculosis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, prostatitis, herpes, caries and periodontal disease, peptic ulcer and intestinal infections, infectious diseases of the female genital organs, purulent lesions skin and eyes.  Lately, have been intensively studied and antifungal properties of propolis.

The immune-stimulatory properties

Propolis contains a large number of biologically active substances with properties of immune-modulators ( bio-flavonoids, zinc, polysaccharides). It enhances phagocytic activity of immune cells and stimulates antibody synthesis, increases the activity of the complement of blood and as a consequence, greatly reduces the risk of recontamination.

The prebiotic properties

Propolis effectively contributes to the normalization of intestinal microflora. This action is achieved by selective antibiotic effect – propolis inhibits the development of pathological intestinal microflora, but it has virtually no effect on the life of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria. The result is activation of the growth of normal intestinal microflora and restore natural proportions of the intestinal microflora.

Regenerating and wound healing properties

Propolis has a high ability to stimulate epithelialization of wounds, burns and chronic ulcers of the skin and mucous membranes. This effect may be due, firstly, with the elimination of local infection, and secondly, with the stimulation of local blood circulation under the influence of propolis polyphenolic compounds possessing capillary-strengthening properties. It is possible that there are other mechanisms of Epithelialising actions of propolis (possibly related to immune mechanisms ) , as products thereof are effective in such difficult skin lesions, such as psoriasis, eczema and allergic dermatitis. This is confirmed by the fact that in these cases, propolis and maintains its effectiveness when administered orally.

Cholesterol Reduction and hypolipidemic effect

High content in a wide variety of bio-flavonoids in propolis gives him a powerful cardio-protective and anti-atherosclerotic activity.
Products containing propolis extracts, can achieve a significant reduction in cholesterol and triglyceride levels already in the 2nd month of application.

Anti-thrombotic effect

Products containing propolis prevent the formation of blood clots, significantly reduce the intensity of clotting .

Anti-inflammatory effect

Propolis has a pronounced anti -inflammatory properties, the clinical significance of which is particularly high in obstructive lung diseases such as chronic obstructive bronchitis and asthma. Removing local swelling and inflammation of the bronchial mucus, propolis significantly improves airways.

In order to strengthen one or another beneficial effect of propolis extract, Altai healers placed in bee nests charms of gold, silver, malachite, onyx and other sacred minerals. This ancient technology has found a rebirth in the late XX century, after scientists have proposed a new hypothesis to explain the surprising variety of therapeutic and preventive effects of propolis. In accordance with this theory, propolis is a unique energy matrix, which greatly enhances the biological effect of any components embedded in its structure.

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