Nina Bastet – Spiritual, Tranformational Life Coach, Shamanic Practitioner

I am Nina Bastet, an individual on a spiritual path with a large knowledge base, l, interesting life experiences and excitement about everything that life has to offer.
At this point in my life, I am sharing my knowledge with people, who are starting a self-discovery process, or who are already on the road and looking for answers to their life questions.

This is what I do and what I can offer to you on my sessions, seminars and retreats.

In a professional manner I am a Transformational and Psychospiritual Integration Coach, Shamanic Practitioner, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist; Reiki and Energy Practitioner, Access BARS and Access Consciousness Practitioner; Spiritual Life and Relationship Coach and simply a Spiritual person with a large knowledge base and excitement about everything that life has to offer.

How did I become a transformational teacher?  First by becoming a student and by asking many questions that so many of us are looking the answer to:

Who am I? Why did I come to this life? What is my life purpose?

And I am still looking for the answers. Every time more information reveals, even more new questions arises.
But there are some things, I know.
I am a student of life, and life is very beautiful in all it manifestations.
As many of you, I had to discover it during my life path, looking for answers and going through difficult life circumstances.

The search and the process of self discovery brought me to this answer that is coming right from my heart:

Life IS beautiful. We just need to really see and feel it.
It is not an easy process, but it is very rewarding.
For more than 11 years of my life I am in the process of active and conscious self-discoveries.
Subconsciously I was doing it all my life, but I guess, whatever I was doing was not enough for my soul and I was pushed out of my comfort zone. It was a very strong push, including loss of financial stability, dissolution of family, inability to provide my kids to have the life they are use to, guilt and shame and real loss of confidence in myself. All my abilities to create my reality were goon. Whatever I was creating, was barely letting us survive.
The life forced me to go with the flow, to learn the real trust and faith in GOD; to learn that me and my family will be always provided.

Someone may go through the process of spiritual awakening much easier. I guess I became too much involved in our materialistic world and my soul had to force those difficult circumstances on me, or may be it was designed by my soul before my birth.
I am still wandering if it could be any different if I would act different way. I am not sure, if my life could go smoother, without dissolution of my family and all other difficulties; or was it written on my life path before I came to this world? Was the lesson, agreed by my soul, to learn during this life? I guess the answers can not be discovered during the lifetime.

During my self-discovery process, I learned many different spiritual and holistic practices; I went thru many different schools and teachings. Some of them where not coherent with me at all, from some of them I’ve chosen different techniques and apply them to my life.

Those teachings and techniques helped me to stay healthy and happy during difficult times and took me to the road of spiritual awakening.
Now, living in the era of information, we have so many different teachings and techniques available to us and very often people get lost. Frequently because of the complexity of some teaching, people stop practicing at all and get stuck somewhere in the middle.
The worth part about stopping the practice, is that when you started to go on the road of spirituality, there is NO turning back.

Your soul will not let you to turn back to your regular “happy and calm” life, you will not be able to return to your comfort zone; now you know for sure, that you are NOT happy.

So, when you quit practicing at all, you will just get stuck in that knowing of unhappiness, until you will start moving forward on that road of spirituality to happiness.

Learning that from my own experiences, and experience of many others people who I am helping during my practice, with help from the Source (God, Higher Powers or whatever you want to call these energies), I developed retreats to share my knowledge and experiences, as well knowledge of other teachers and practitioners, participating in our retreats, with as many people as possible.

I do not feel like writing here my full resume, since everything I did 10 years before have nothing to do with what I am doing now. All I want to say about my past experience, it is gave me a lot of knowledge of life, people psychology and business management and ventures development.
I am an educator by heart, starting teaching younger kids, from the time I was in the 5th grade and continuing educating people all my life in different aspects of our beautiful life.

My desire is to spread the knowledge I have to as many people as possible, so they can get to the road of spirituality, since this is the path to HAPPINESS.

All retreats, designed or facilitated by me, include the spiritual aspects and practices.
Join us and reclaim your HAPPINESS!
May all Beings be Happy and Healthy!

Nina Bastet