Magic of Epiphany Water on January 19 and its Special Healing Properties from a Scientific Point of View

It has been proven that all freshwater on Earth begins to change its properties on January 18 from 17:30 to 12:30. the next day, January 19th. The properties of all water on earth become “different”, namely, its electrical conductivity, pH and information saturation change.

It is during this period of time that it is recommended to carry out water purification procedures with such water, as well as stock it for drinking and treatment. After that, the water in natural reservoirs quickly returns to its normal state.

Healers and followers of various mystical practices have known this since ancient times,

Astrologers say that on the night of January 19, the Sun, the Earth, and the center of the Galaxy are located in such a way that a line of communication opens between the heart of our planet and the center of the Galaxy.


At this time, a special energy channel operates, which structures everything that enters it.
This Galactic Event happens with our planet Earth yearly and has a cleansing effect on all the waters of Earth. 

This event structurizes all water on Earth and everything that is made from it.

Changes in the properties of water collected on January 19 were recorded by scientists using physical instruments – it makes no sense to deny this and talk about some kind of superstition. What exactly happens to the water on this day?

Long-term observations of specialists in nuclear physics involved in the study of cosmic radiation have recorded that every year on January 18 – 19, intense neutron fluxes fall on the Earth: at this time, the power of neutron irradiation of our planet increases by 100 – 200 times! And intense neutron fluxes, according to scientists, have a sterilizing effect.

Some scientists explain the healing properties of Epiphany water by the peculiarities of the Earth’s magnetic field. On this day, it deviates from the norm and all the water on the planet is magnetized. What causes these changes has not yet been studied.

Russian experimental physicist Professor A. Belsky conducted the following experiment: on the night of January 19, he took water samples from a nearby pond. Polyethylene bottles with samples stood in his laboratory for several years. The water in them remained clear, odorless and sediment.

At the same time, the pH value (pH level) increased, making the water less acidic. On the 18th of January, in the evening, the changes reached their peak of activity. Due to the large number of radical ions, the electrical conductivity of water was like that of an artificially created catholyte (water saturated with electrons). 

It is believed that you should drink this water regularly, preferably every day and on an empty stomach.

This Holy water raises the immune system and makes a person resistant to many infections and hase cleansing and detoxification effects.

An outstanding Russian scientist-cosmist V.I. Vernadsky wrote: “Water stands apart in the history of our planet. There is no natural body that could compare with it in terms of its influence on the course of the most grandiose geological processes. There is no earthly substance – a mineral, a rock, a living body that would not contain it. All earthly matter is permeated and embraced by it.

Water is the most common substance in nature that a person encounters every day throughout life. It would seem that water is a familiar substance for us, but at the same time it is the most important and most unusual of all known to science.

Drink clean water and be happy!