Is Shamanism a Religion? What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is not a religion, it is a way of living in connection with Nature. It is a system of beliefs, that includes everything, that believes, that everything has a spirit.
You may not see or hear some living thighs because of the limitations in our perception as well as limitation of the range our eyes can see and our hearing can hear.
But our soul can feel the presence of all spirits around us.
By changing perception, developing your intuition everyone is able to accept the shamanic principles of life.

When you start to understand the living nature of everything around you, even the things you do not see or hear, you will become more conscious of the ways you behave in nature, the ways you talk and walk on the planet Earth.

And when you become conscious of your thoughts and actions, you will be connected more to others, you will start feeling compassionate toward others and toward nature.
You will see how your life will change, how much more love and compassion will be sent your way!

This is how the Universe operates, you receive what you send out.

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Send more love, more compassion, more gratitude and you will receive much more of it back to you.

So the way of Shamans are the ways of gratitude and compassion toward our Mother Earth and all the living things on it.

It is not as difficult as it sounds.

Always remember to give gratitude to Nature for everything she is giving to us!
Start Noticing all the things you use to take for granted:

The Air we breath

The water we drink

The earth we stand on, building on, harvest on….

The fire we use to keep ourselves warm, to cook and much more.


Start giving gratitude to the Earth for it.

You may be praying and giving your gratitudes to the Creator, and this is great!

But…why don’t you recognize only Father?

We have Mother and Father, correct? Remember this, our Mother Earth is the one, who is caring for us.

We are (our physical bodies) coming from her and going back to her at the end of our journey.

And this fact is what Shamans always remember: to thank Mother as well as Father.

You can start doing it as well.

In order to share my knowledge of how to  show your gratitude to Mother Nature, I created event, the rituals used in Peruvian Shamanic tradition:

Despacho Ceremony


Fire Ceremony

You can participate in our Events and ceremonies to heal yourself as well as to give your gratitude and send healing to Pachamama.

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