Human Transformation and the Role of Lord Shiva

There is an unknown and mysterious energy that is all us. Scientists of the West have not been able to give it a name, yet. However, saints of yogi have called this energy Shiva.

Shiva is the energy giving life to all living. We are walking, eating, breathing and existing  day-to-day because of Shiva. Shiva energy drives living beings as well as resides in non-living things.

Shiva is the Eternal and Infinite Space of the Universes, the space between everything and nothing, what people call emptiness, the emptiness of which does not exist .. Emptiness, Eternal and Infinite space is where consciousness lives, that which we do not see and that is why it is so hard for us to accept this presence.

Everything appears and disappears again and again, and only this infinite space remains forever.

Everything comes and everything leaves, and only consciousness remains forever!

When space appears, time appears, which is inseparable from space.

Infinite space and Eternity (time) are all Shiva.

Everything is subject to time. Time is what destroys everything. Over time, everything collapses, time destroys everything old in order to create a platform for the emergence of a new one.

Shiva in the Universe Manifests as a destroyer through a connection with time.

Our consciousness is something that remains forever – it is an integral part of Shiva, it exists forever.

All processes occurring in our consciousness are supervised by Shiva and it depends on Him how the transformation of human consciousness takes place.

When we overcome something, the energy of Shiva – the Destroyer is present, helping us and destroying obstacles.

Shiva destroys Karma, which is the main obstacle on the path to transformation – this is the manifestation of the destructive power of Shiva.

Lord Shiva is very important in the lives of women. The energy of Shiva is the embodiment of the masculine principle and the personal life of a woman depends on this presence. When there is not enough Shiva in a woman (weak masculine principle, wrong attitude to the masculine principle), this leads to problems in her personal life.

The energy of creation is the Energy of Shiva, it is the energy of the cycle of life in the universe. In the creation of something, the Energy of Shiva was not present, which is presented in the form of the Shiva Lingam.

Shiva is with us all the time, you just need to see him. And for this, every time you want to see Shiva, raise your eyes to the sky and look at the starry sky – you will see Shiva in this Infinite and Eternal space between the stars.

Shiva is always with us, always near, Shiva is Life. Our whole life is connected with Shiva.

Shiva – The Male energy descends to the Earth once a year – with the MAHASHIVARATRI holiday.

Celebrating the festival of MAHASHIVARATRI (the great night of Shiva) we pay tribute to Shiva and celebrate Life.