How do People Choose to Become Spiritual? Nina-Bastet Story – First Steps in Spirituality

How do People Choose to Become Spiritual?

Everyone has their own story.

Here is the short story of me, Nina,  being a successful builder and real estate developer, started my spiritual journey. 

I was asked by many people to tell the story, how I was such a successful business person and all of a sudden went into a totally different direction.

I did tell a short story in my book : The Quest for Joy of Life Through Inner Transformation,

but here I will say it in short.


Here is the real beginning and it starts in 1997.

My road to Spirituality started more than 23 years ago when I was a successful business person, a Real Estate Broker, Builder  and Real Estate Developer.

And around 1997, I had a client in real estate Evgenia Novodvorskaya, who helped me to start my road to adventures and spirituality.

One day, when we were driving to look for the home for her, the car stopped without fuel in the middle of the road, her praying to Angels for help made the car start and we were able to get to the gas station. She explained to me how it works and it started this part of my spiritual journey. This technique helped me numerous times in different situations and it made me understand that Angelic Energies exist and are there to help us. 

From that time I am working and connecting to the energies of Angels.

She also gave me to read my first book about Karma and this started my process on the road of Karma Yoga.

And finally Evgenia invited me to attend the Reiki Class in 1998, where I learned how to use the Universal (Cosmic) energies to help myself and others. 

This was the beginning of my road to spirituality, without me even knowing how far and for how many adventures it will bring into my life in the future.

Now, more than 23 years later, I learned and practiced many different spiritual and energetic practices which helped my friends and clients to live healthier, happier and to learn Universal Laws of Life to achieve their life and spiritual goals of success.

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