How a Man Can Recognize that a Woman is the Love of His Life

Many clients are asking me, “How will I know, when she is really the one for me?”

happy marriage

When you are looking for the woman to build your family with, and to live happy to the old days, you want to make sure, it is the real love, not just physical attraction.

There are some characteristics of how a man needs to feel and how he will behave when he is really in love and the woman he loves is really the right one for him.

Here are the most important evidence that the woman you are dating may be the Love of Your Life.

  1. You want to bring more happiness in to her life and share it with her.
  2. You want to protect her and her family, not to control, but to give her the real protection every woman is longing for.
  3. You want to get married to her, have a family and raise kids together; by doing it, she will know, that you are taking responsibility for her and the family and giving her protection.
  4. You want to take care of her and all her needs. YOU WANT to spend money on her, without asking “why should I?”
  5. You want to start doing something to generate more income (if you need to) in order to be able to provide her better living, to satisfy her needs and dreams
  6. You accept her totally, meaning liking everything she is and she does. Even the things others may classify as limitations in her character or her body, you like it.

If there is anything you want her to change about herself, or planning that she will change in the future: this is NOT your women. That is true, she will change, if you will insist or criticize her, but it will become totally different woman, and in the future, you will realize, that this is not the woman, you fall in love with. In addition to that she will gain new limitations and complexes, which in the future will manifest as illnesses, unless she will start to work with herself, but in this case, you may become an outsider and distance in relationship will arise.

So, if she is the one for you, you must love EVERYTHING about her.

  1. If she has kids, you love her kids and accept them as your own.
  2. You are ready to change for her, to change some of your habits. And it is not, because she asks for it, but just because you know that this will make her happy.
  3. When you trust her, trust that she loves you and ready to give her the FREEDOM.
  4. When you are ready to wait for the intimate relationships with her until she is ready for it, without pressing or guilting her in to it.
  5. When you are comfortable to share your feelings with her, to open up your heart to her. When you ready to open up your world for her and accept her world.

And if you worry that you may fall in to a trap of a “gold digger”, who will want only money from you, just check out your heart, it will tell you the truth. If you feel, that you do not trust her it is either not your woman,  or you are not ready for the relationship, and in this case, that cannot be your woman.

If you are trying to build a relationship right after a difficult parting or divorce, or after losing a loved one, be careful. Such relationships are usually short, and the man continues to hurt himself and women, not being healed himself. It’s just trying to get away from the pain, but instead driving it deeper and deeper inside.

Most people need time to overcome such situations; they need to heal emotional pain before they enter into a relationship with another person. It is important to know that you are not alone, and such situations often happen with men and with women. And the main cause of painful relationships and partings is a lack of understanding for oneself and one’s emotions and unfulfilled desires, deeply embedded in the subconscious.

There are many emotional healing techniques available to cure the emotional pain, and another woman is NOT one of them.

One needs to take time to heal himself before entering into a new relationship if you want this relationship to develop and strengthen in the right direction. Bad situations are not the end of life, and true love is still possible after the pain left from the negative experience is healed.

Love and enjoy life, but after you let go of the past.

And then you will really understand and feel what the real sense of love is.

When you really love a woman and you are her man, there will be a proper exchange of energy: in exchange for everything you give her, your woman will give you her LOVE and care, and this is worth it.

Woman’s love makes a man stronger.

The love of a woman gives a man the energy and strength for success in life, for success in society.

The love of a woman attracts material wealth to a man, enriching the life of her family.

Her love will bring peace and beauty to your world.

She will give you Wings to Fly, and all you have to do is really love her!

And it is really worth it – to find the right woman for yourself, the one, who will be compatible with you physically, emotionally and spiritually. With the right woman, you can build a beautiful relationship, and your family will flourish in love!

Just Remember:  Real LOVE does not expect anything in return. Real Love just want to give, and when two  people love each other and each of them gives without expecting to get anything in back, that is when love flourish and that is when Happily Ever After happens!

Nina-Bastet – Relationship Coach, Emotional And Spiritual Healing Practices


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