Mystical Peru Trip to Places of Power and Heart Opening Ceremonies

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  • April 13, 2024 - April 20, 2024
    2:00 pm - 12:00 pm

Trip Location: Peru Cusco, Mystical places in Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and more - 8 Days

Embark on the Peru Trip, a transformative adventure of a lifetime that transcends boundaries, enriching you on every level—mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This extraordinary journey is a profound return to the source of power, a sacred reunion with ancestral knowledge that promises an unparalleled exploration.

Whether you're seeking a seamless continuation from a Plant Medicine Retreat or embarking on this adventure as a stand-alone experience, the Peru Trip offers:

Unveiling the Uniqueness of This Peruvian Trip

Embark on a journey like no other as you explore the world-renowned mystical wonders of Peru. 

Mystical Marvels:
Immerse yourself in the enigmatic aura of Peru's mystical places, where ancient energies converge to create a profound and transformative experience.

Shamanic Illumination:
Elevate your spiritual journey with an optional one-day San Pedro ceremony led by seasoned shamans. Illuminate your heart and soul through this powerful Shamanic experience.

Sacred Sites Exploration:
Delve into the esoteric significance of sacred sites, gaining a deeper understanding of their spiritual importance. Absorb the energies that have resonated through these revered locations for centuries.

Spiritual Connection:
This trip is designed to amplify your spiritual connection to all aspects of life. Immerse yourself in the profound energies of Peru, fostering a deeper understanding of your spiritual essence.

Soulful Living:
Rediscover the art of living from the soul as this journey acts as a catalyst for rebirth. Embrace a new way of being, tapping into your innermost self and aligning with the authentic rhythm of your soul.

There exist numerous paths to unlock your soul's potential, and embarking on this journey could become a crucial step towards attaining happiness.

Becoming whole and tapping into your inner strength necessitate more than acquiring knowledge; they demand experiential engagement and personal introspection. It is through direct actions, self-discovery, and a genuine connection to your own experiences that you can truly unlock the potential within your soul and chart a course toward lasting happiness.

Experience is the pivotal step toward self-understanding! Purposeful and mindful experiences are the gateway to a joyful, healthy, and meaningful life

This is precisely what we are extending to you. If you weren't in need of this, you wouldn't be reading these words at this moment.
Your presence here suggests there are likely numerous benefits awaiting you on this journey. Many of these are outlined below, and it's highly probable that some resonate specifically with your needs.

Just make the decision: you and your happiness worth the investment of time and money!

This is the investment into your own life, an investment into your own happiness.

Discover the myriad benefits awaiting you on this extraordinary journey to Peru with Us

Embark on a transformative journey as you immerse yourself in the healing energies of these powerful global destinations. By connecting with the esteemed shamans of Peru, your adventure extends beyond the typical tourist spots, offering you a holistic experience that blends cultural exploration with personal growth.

1. Stress Reduction:
Experience a profound reduction in stress levels as you absorb the tranquil and revitalizing energies of sacred places.
2. Learn Practical Healing Techniques:
Acquire valuable healing techniques applicable to your daily life, enhancing your overall well-being.
3. Harmony with Nature and Elemental Energies:
Develop a profound understanding and connection with Mother Nature and the elemental energies surrounding you.
4. Mind-Body-Spirit Connection:
Forge a harmonious connection between your mind, body, and spirit, tapping into your inner knowledge and unlocking your inherent powers.
5. Connection to Higher Self and Soul:
Understand and feel a deep connection to your Higher Self and soul, guiding you in making decisions aligned with your true essence.
6. Soul-Centric Living:
Shift from being solely brain-driven to living and deciding from your soul level, fostering a more authentic and purposeful life.
7. Healing Past Traumas:
Explore the potential healing of past traumas or delve into past life experiences for transformative personal growth.
8. Enhanced Decision-Making:
Receive insights that aid in making better life and business decisions, ensuring a path aligned with your true aspirations.
9. Guidance in Times of Confusion:
Find direction if you feel lost or stuck on your life's journey, gaining clarity to move forward with confidence.
10. Improved Relationships:
Strengthen connections with family, loved ones, and within your business and societal circles.
11. Additional Hidden Benefits:
Uncover “hidden" benefits such as improved health and an overall sense of well-being.

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Explore the Rich Cultural Tapestry of Peru with Visits to the Following Sites:

  • Maras
  • Moray
  • Temple of the Winds at Pisaq 
  • Indian Market in the village
  • Archeological site of Chincheros filled with sacred Wakas and rich history
  • Temple of the Winds at Ollantaytambo 
  • Village of Aguas Calientes 
  • Sacred Archeological site of Machu Picchu
  • Cusco 
  • Sacsaywaman megalithic temple
  • Full Day San Pedro Ceremony. Master San Pedro Shamans will lead you throughout the day along rituals, cleansing, and meditations. (optional)

Invest 7 days of your life toward YOUR HAPPINESS!

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Payments and Refunds

Terms and payments:

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Your payment is refundable up to 60 days of retreat date, less $150 processing fee.
The payment is not refundable within 60 days before the retreat date.
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Full refund will be issued in case the event is cancelled by the organizer or in a case of Global Disaster or Force Majeure events in the world.

Special Items You need to consider:

  • Insurance: We strongly recommend participants purchase travel insurance in order to protect yourself in case extenuating circumstances force you to cancel your journey. Rainbow Jaguar Institute LLC or its affiliates assume no liability whatsoever for damage, delay or loss of property. Most Travel Operators require purchase of travel insurance within 2-3 weeks of booking your flight. 
  • Do not book the Flight without consulting with us and confirming all the information
  • While as accurate as possible at the time of printing, the program should not be considered an inflexible schedule of events, as it is subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control such as weather, festivities, strikes, etc.

Retreat in Peru Includes

  • 7 nights Hotels in Cusco 
  • Breakfast in a hotel
  • Vista Dome Train to Machu Picchu and private tour in Machu Picchu
  • Transportation throughout by private motor coach.
  • Tours in Sacred Valley 
  • All entrance fees to archeological sites.
  • Activities including talks and ceremonies by renowned Medicine People.


  • Meals not specified in the detailed itinerary of the tour. 
  • International flights to Peru.
  • Airfare to Cusco and from Cusco to Lima is not included. Our meeting point is on the Day 1 in Cusco.
  • Transfers for independent arrival or departure.
  • Optional gratuities.
  • Additional hotel nights made necessary by airline schedule changes or other factors. 
  • Traveler's insurance. Cost of medical immunizations (if any)
  • Items of a personal nature (liquor, laundry, toiletries, phone calls, etc.)

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