Healing Powers of Sacred Plants & Natural Ancient Remedies

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  • March 15, 2023
    6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

This seminar is about Magical Plants of Power and other healing substances that Mother Nature gave us so we can stay strong and thrive on the Earth.

How Can Sacred Plants & Shamanic Rituals Help with Depressions, Fears, Addictions and other Life Difficulties

Some of you may know about Sacred Plants but some may never hear of it.

ayahuasca retreat peru 2021We live in society, where a huge number of people are suffering from depression, fears and phobias, different kinds of addictions and other Life Difficulties.

You will learn about scientific research providing the proof of healing properties of healing plants and substances.

Fears, Phobias, Addictions, Bad Habits that are visible to everyone around and loved ones are often denied by the person himself. These people need help, and the sacred plants can help!

By understanding yourself and deciding to change yourself, you can change your life and find the path to happiness.

By changing yourself, you will change the world around you and the life of you and your loved ones will change for the better!

kambo frog ceremony peruYou will learn about psilocybin mushrooms, Ayahuasca tea, San Pedro, Kambo Medicine, Psilocybin Mushrooms and other plants that can help one in their life. What are power plants and how can they be used to improve health.

You will hear about positive results and dangers of these Spiritual Teachers of the Humanity. 

This seminar will save you a lot of research and you will hear from the experiences that people at the seminar had. 

I will tell you about different practices that have helped me and thousands of other people. That forgotten knowledge, that was known for thousands of years but forgotten by our society and is now given to our generation of people for personal healing and to improve our life on Earth.

After the seminar, you may be able to make a conscious decision if this is something that can help you, or maybe this is not the kind of practice that you need. 

In 2023 will be holding 3 unique trips to Peru Healing Trips to Peru:
for Ayahuasca Retreat,
San Pedro Heart Connection Retreat and
Mystical Peru and Lake Titicaca trip.
We will be glad to see you on these retreats.