Daily practices are offered in Wheeling – $10 Beginners Events

Wheeling -Milwaukee and Hintz area

Morning energizing healing session – Women only
Yin-Yoga 30 min sessions:

7:30 a.m  and 9:00 a.m – only 5 participants per session | Monday – Friday

Get ready for your day with a lot of energy that will last you all day long. 

You get the best result, by doing at least 3 sessions per week.

Each Session $10 cash at arrival  /  Every 6th session within 2 weeks is at no charge. 

Evening Relaxing Events, Meditations – 45 – 60 min sessions
7:30 p.m – only 7 participants

Monday – Crystal Healing Meditation | Tuesday – Silent – Vipassana Style Meditation

Wednesday – Anger Release Meditation | Thursday – Forgiveness Meditation

Friday – Silent – Vipassana Style Meditation || Type of meditation offered may change.

Evening meditation will relax your mind and improve sleep. Meditation has a lot of benefits that improves life and health. 

Each Session $10 cash at arrival

For address, instructions and registration  (Fast Registration) Text to 224-688-01155