Bio-Energy Aura Imaging

In many parts of the world, Aura counseling is being offered by many doctors and holistic practitioners for decades. Now it is available to us as well. Disorder in the flow of the body’s energy in the aura/chakras can result in imbalances of the mind, body or spirit. Understanding the connection between the emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual bodies and how they interact with color vibrations, the chakras system and the human energy field is being incorporated and applied to many forms of healing therapies and health related products and services.
The Aura Reading will show you how you are using your energy, consciously making you aware of how the thoughts and feelings affect the well-being.
Biofeedback information is provided on forty-four organs and glands in various formats, allowing us to comprehend the present energy status on different levels: as a full body energy picture, in a graph analysis format and with a chakra activity report.
The Aura Reading will provide you with a complete overview of your physical, emotional and mental energy. The program also displays the information in a graph analysis, with the reflex zones, chakra picture and their activity report.

Depending on the service you choose, you will be giving the record of the reading, allows you to monitor a progress which accelerates and validates any of the healing process you will choose to use.


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