Ayahuasca Diet for Your Ayahuasca Retreat

Considering traveling for ayahuasca healing, means you are looking for ways to improve your life, to remove blocks you may know or not know about, you are looking to make some kind of changes in your life, so it will become more fulfilling, healthy and happy.

It is a serious step toward the life improvement and you should prepare yourself seriously for it. Ayahuasca is the sacred plant that will work on your body, mind and soul and one of the thing, it will do, is detoxify your body and mind, by purging. Indigenous people even call this plant La Purga, that is how much purging you can expect during the process of ayahuasca ceremony.
The more toxicity you will have in your body when you arrive, the more time and effort it will take for the plant energy to get through to finally get to the work that it has to do. For plants to work within you to their maximum power, it is vital that you prepare yourself to receive the healing offered by them.

That is why Ayahuasca Dieta is very highly recommended for the process, so that you can get the most out of your experience with the plants medicine.

Different shamans asking for different diets, but some of the items are common for every ayascero. Use your common sense and your intuition, when choosing the shaman and reading his recommendation for the diet.
Here, we are listing of the most common guidelines for the dieta. The more prepared you will be, the more healing you will receive and this is your ultimate goal of doing the Ayahuasca retreat, isn’t it?

Before your arrival please consider the following guidelines as a “minimum”.

2 weeks before your Ayahuasca retreat, during and 2 weeks after:
– Avoid any recreational drugs including marijuana and Alcohol.
– Avoid eating red meat as much as you can.
– Pork should be excluded totally, as early as possible.
– Stop taking antidepressants and medications.

48 – 72 hours before Ayahuasca ceremony, avoid:
– Fried foods, spicy food
– Processed sweets and refined sugar
– Excessive amounts of table salt and spices.
– Fermented food
– Caffeine
– Dairy products
– Brewers yeast or yeast-based supplements
– Sexual contact

IMPORTANT: For people who are currently taking any type of medication or supplements, you have to be free of pharmaceutical intervention at least 2 weeks prior to taking Ayahuasca. Consult with your doctor if you need to stop taking any medication.

Ayahuasca healing process does not stop after your retreat is over. The spirit of the plants will be working with you for a long time after your retreat. Remember this and help the energies to work with you. Stay conscious about yourself, your thought and emotions, as well as your body’s and food habits. The healing can help you to eliminate from your diet the things you wanted to eliminate, but had no will power. Just make sure to try, do not come back to the old habits, you may be able to do it now and to stop eating whatever is not good for you.

Let Mother Ayhuasca, La Medicina to work on your body, mind and soul for your health and enlightenment. Keep the ayahuasca diet to make the process more beneficial for you.

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