The state of well being in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is based on the belief that health is determined by a balanced flow of the essential life energy circulating in all living organisms and is called “qi”. Comparable to electricity, this energy is invisible to the human eye. However, about 5,000 years ago experienced Chinese doctors who could feel and trace these pathways of energy with their hands, mapped these meridian lines. Meridians are our body’s “energy bloodstream”, each is associated with specific internal organ systems and specific emotions: they bring vitality and balance, remove energy blockages and imbalances, adjust metabolism and determine the speed and form of cellular change. Their unobstructed run is as critical as the flow of blood; our life and health depend on both. If a meridian’s energy is blocked this will result in a disease.
AcupunctureThis life force is called by different names in different spiritual practices: Spirit, Prana, Chi, subtle energy, and vital energy and much more.

With this understanding, acupuncture was developed to balance Chi. Acupuncture is a method of encouraging the body to promote natural healing and to improve functioning.
When acupuncture needles are inserted into certain points along these meridians, it helps to balance the flow of chi, unblock the obstructions of the energy flows, and reinstate the regular flow through the meridians. There are many acupuncture points along these meridians that are energy reservoir where energy is collected over time.

The modern scientific explanation is that inserting needles in to the acupuncture points stimulates the nervous system to release chemicals in the spinal cord, brain and muscles. These chemicals may change the pain experience or may trigger the release of other hormones and chemicals to influence the body’s own internal natural healing abilities, and in promoting emotional and physical health. As energy is redirected in the body, internal chemicals and hormones are stimulated and healing begins.

The World Health Organization and the National Institute of Health say acupuncture is an effective treatment for wide range of acute and chronic health conditions as well as provides preventive care for following medical problems:

Emotional Issues – Anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress. Acupuncture is particularly useful in resolving physical problems related to tension and stress and emotional conditions.
Nervous System – Bell’s palsy, dizziness, headaches, migraines, neuralgia, stroke, paralysis, tics, tremors;
Muscle and Joints Problems – Arthritis, back and neck pain, joint pain, osteoarthritis, rib neuritis, fibromyalgia, sciatica, shoulder pain, sports injuries, sprains;
Men’s Issues – prostate problems, sexual dysfunction, urinary tract infection;
Women’s Issues – Endometriosis, infertility, menstrual problems, menopause, PMS, sexual dysfunction, vaginitis, urinary tract infection;
Digestion Problems – Low appetite, constipation, spastic colon, food allergies, colitis, peptic ulcer, Crohn’s disease, diarrhea, indigestion, vomiting, irritable bowel syndrome, gastritis, nausea;
Skin Problems– Acne, wrinkles, dermatitis, herpes, hives, eczema;
Respiratory/Ear Nose Throat – Allergies, asthma, flu, common colds, emphysema, recurrent chest infections, eye diseases, hearing loss, vertigo, sinusitis, sore throat, laryngitis.
Heart and Blood – hypertension, angina pectoris, atherosclerosis, anemia, palpitations, coronary heart disease;
Addictions – Food, drugs, smoking, alcohol;
Miscellaneous – Chronic pain, diabetes, fatigue, immune deficiencies, hemorrhoids, hypoglycemia, hepatitis, Urinary Incontinence.
The acupuncture needles are extremely thin and flexible. Upon insertion, one may feel a sensation of heaviness or tingling. Patients may be feeling very relaxed after treatments. All needles are single use and disposable.

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