Access Consciousness Illinois Classes Offered

We offer the following classes taught by Certified Facilitator Helen Gitlevich on regular bases.

Creating Abundance with Ease


Ever ask yourself why everyone else seems happier, more fortunate or better than you?  What would it take to create more freedom for yourself? Discover the tools of Access Consciousness. Access your POWER within yourself.  This is your chance to change your life around and gain control. Find out what Access is about and come and play in the energy of Access. What else is possible?

Pre-requisites:  None.

Creating Relationship with Ease

Are you stuck in a relationship that does not work?
What would it be like to discover a whole new world of possibilities in all your relationships? Discover more tools of Access Consciousness.
Discover the SECRET and join us Creating Relationship with Ease class and  Access your POWER within yourself.
This is your chance to change your life around and gain control

Pre-requisites:  None.

Access Bars™ – Access Consciousness Class

Improve Your Relationships, Your Money Situation, Your Health

The Access Bars are 32 points on the head that when lightly touched they start to clear all limitations you have about different areas of your life and body. These areas include money, aging, body, sexuality, joy, sadness, healing, creativity, awareness and control plus many more. At the class you will not only receive two sessions you will also learn how to give the dynamic hands on body process. No pre-requisites required just willingness to learn something new. After the class you will be qualified to give Access BarsTM to your family, friends or you can get paid by having your own clients or if you already provide other therapies you can add Access Bars™ to your list of modalities.

Class earns 8 CE units NCBTMB |  Pre-requisites:  None

Access Foundation – Access Consciousness Class

In this class you’ll receive the “foundational” tools of Access™. There is a great deal of verbal processing in this class, going to the Point of Creation and undoing major limitations, implants and programs that start to get you out of judgment so you can function from a place of ease, joy and glory. You’ll receive a manual and be given tools to invite and create a far greater life for yourself in all areas. In addition, you’ll learn a potent hands-on body process called Cellular Memory. Any situation in your life, general or specific can change with ease!

Have you noticed that this reality doesn’t actually work in a way that works for you? Are you looking for the keys that will unlock the limitations of this reality and allow you to step into infinite possibilities for having everything you truly desire in life?

Access Consciousness® is a pragmatic system for functioning in and beyond a world that doesn’t function for you. By looking at life’s issues from a completely different perspective, it becomes easy to change anything. For anything to be limiting you, you must be functioning from some form of anti-consciousness or unconsciousness. So what would you like to choose instead?

In Foundation you will begin to see the points of view that limit you and what you can change that would allow you to function from question, choice, possibility, and contribution.

Duration: 2 days | Pre-requisites: Access Bars®

Access Level 1 – Access Consciousness Class

In Level 1 we begin to understand what it means to truly create our life as we desire it. This class will give you even greater awareness of infinite being and infinite choice. You will discover “What Else is Possible?®” in ways you never imagined!

After this class it becomes possible to have relationships with people that are rewarding (including the relationship we have with ourselves!). We also become aware of what it means to truly create our life as we desire it. What if you could generate anything you desire with ease? Money, sex and contribution to the earth are just the start!

Pre-requisites: Access Bars and Foundation

Online Class POD: Access Levels 2&3 – Access Consciousness Class by Gary Douglas or Dr. Dain Heer

These two classes are offered by Access Consciousness founder, Gary Douglas or Dr. Dain Heer. During these four days you will gain access to a space where you begin to recognize your capacities as an infinite being.
As you begin to recognize how different you are, you start becoming aware of the choices that you make, the choices you would like to make, and what you would like to generate as your life with ease… financially, in relationships, in your work and beyond…

Generating your life is different from creating it. For creation to occur, there always has to be destruction. Generating your life is a moment-by-moment increase in what is possible in your life. When you stop creating from your past you can start generating a future that is unlimited. What if sensing the possibilities could replace judgment of everywhere you are right or wrong?

What else would you like to add to your life? And what catalyst for change could you be in the world if you unleashed the real you? Would you be willing to function from the energy, space and consciousness you truly be? And would you be willing to be more of you than you have ever been before? With ease, joy and glory? And maybe just a little bit of happiness too?

Duration: 4 days (2 days for Level 2 & 2 days for Level 3)

Pre-requisites:  Bars, Foundation and Level One

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