64 Art Forms Offered by Goddess Saraswati to Master in Life

The goddess Saraswati is the patroness of 64 arts, skills that everyone is beneficial to possess.

In different peoples of India, in different regions and in different movements of Hinduism, the lists of 64 arts differ. There are also men’s and women’s lists.
goddess awakening retreats costa ricaBoth boys and girls had to master 64 arts, paying special attention to those skills that were especially important to a particular sex life.
In the list there are typical male activities (military affairs, the art of gambling and cockfighting, etc.), and purely female (manufacturing incense and perfumes, artificial flowers, the art of braiding braids, etc.), which should contribute to the comprehensive development of personality and bring to the balance of male and female qualities in a person.


Here is a list of 64 art forms that Saraswati Goddess can help you to master.:

  1. Singing
  2. Playing musical instruments
  3. Dancing
  4. Writing and drawing
  5. The Art of Theater and Acting
  6. Rangoli – the art of painting with painted sand and flowers on the ground and floor
  7. The art of decorating a house or temple with flowers
  8. The art of taking care of oneself (whitening teeth, painting nails, watching hair and skin, including applying henna drawings – mehndi art)             
  9. The Art of Making Mosaics of Glass
  10. The art of making bed, spreading carpets, laying pillows for rest
  11. Art of extracting music from water-filled cups
  12. The Art of Saving and Filling Water Reserves
  13. Knowledge of secret mantras
  14. Art of painting and decorating the house
  15. Art of decorating ears, head with flowers and hairstyles, tying turbans
  16. The art of dressing beautifully and with taste
  17. The Art of Wearing Jewelry
  18. The art of preparing aromatic compositions, incense, perfumes
  19. Art of making jewelry
  20. Knowledge of the basics of magic and sorcery
  21. The art of preparing wines, potions to enhance attractiveness, courage and other abilities
  22. The skill of the hands in all matters
  23. Culinary art, the ability to eat and drink beautifully
  24. Art of preparation of soft and exciting drinks
  25. The Art of Making Clothes
  26. Art of embroidery, making toys, ornaments from yarn, threads, fabric and cords
  27. The art of stringing rosaries, beads, garlands, wreaths
  28. Solving and compiling riddles and charades
  29. Knowledge of protective prayers, the ability to remove the evil eye from loved ones
  30. The art of pronouncing verbiage, complex words and phrases well
  31. Art of expressive reading, recitation
  32. The Art of Logical Thinking, Analysis
  33. Art of playing poetry (the ability to complete a previously given verse)
  34. Architectural Art
  35. The Art of Carving
  36. Carpenter’s Craft  gemstones for sale illinois
  37. Knowledge of minerals, mining, precious stones
  38. Ability to recognize ordinary and valuable stones and metals, work on metal
  39. The Art of Herbal Treatment
  40. The Art of Massage
  41. Gardening and gardening
  42. The Art of Teaching Talking Birds
  43. The Art of Cockfighting
  44. The art of styling hair, doing hairstyles, braiding
  45. The Art of Encrypting Letters and Decryption
  46. The art of speaking a secret language, of speaking, of changing the beginning and the end of words, and of understanding what is said in this way.
  47. Knowledge of foreign languages and dialects
  48. Art of decorating palanquin, carts, horses, elephants
  49. The Art of Making Magical Amulets
  50. 50) The art of making the simplest mechanical devices and devices
  51. The Art of Training the Mind and Memory
  52. Art of co-reading, playing
  53. The art of changing the appearance of people beyond recognition
  54. The Art of Gambling
  55. The Art of Compiling Dictionaries
  56. Art of playing with children
  57. The art of changing things to look like they have properties they don’t (like making a cheap thing look expensive)
  58. Good manners, the art of flattery and compliments
  59. Military art
  60. Gymnastics and sports arts
  61. Manufacture of dolls and crafts from clay
  62. The art of physiognomy (the ability to learn about the character and intentions of a person by the features of his face)
  63.  Math
  64. The Art of Awakening Your Master (Husband, Lord on the Altar) with Music at Dawn

Look at those art forms and choose what you prefer to reveal your hidden abilities, discover new skills and talents, find inner unity, striving for the integrity of all your qualities and manifestations.