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Balneology – The Hot Springs Mineral Water Health Benefits

the hot springs resort and spa costa rica

The Hot Springs are natural phenomenon found on all continents and many countries in the world.  For centuries, people enjoy the healing powers of spring water. The practice of using natural mineral water for the treatment or cure of disease is known as “balneology”. The art and science of balneology is known to the world from ancient times. The water was not just used for hygiene purposes, but also as the healing remedy. The mentioning of using spring water for healing can be found in literature dated around 500 b.c. by Pythagoras, who brought this method of healing to Greece from […]

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Hydro Therapy Costa Rica Hotel

Hydrotherapy is the external and internal application of water for therapeutic purposes. Externally, water can be applied in any of its three states – steam, liquid or solid or in any combination of these states. It can be used in healing and prevention of a number of ailments, as well as a relief from day-to-day stress. It is a practice that dates back as far as ancient Greece and is present in almost every culture.  Currently, hydrotherapy is enjoying resurgence as more people are becoming interested in wellness and natural methods of healing. Water is effective because it is an […]

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Ayahuasca Diet for Your Ayahuasca Retreat

ayahuasca dieta

Considering traveling for ayahuasca healing, means you are looking for ways to improve your life, to remove blocks you may know or not know about, you are looking to make some kind of changes in your life, so it will become more fulfilling, healthy and happy. It is a serious step toward the life improvement and you should prepare yourself seriously for it. Ayahuasca is the sacred plant that will work on your body, mind and soul and one of the thing, it will do, is detoxify your body and mind, by purging. Indigenous people even call this plant La […]

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Detox Body Wraps

detox body wrap

If you need help finding Holistic Health Practitioner in this field, please contact us, we will send you our recommendations.

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