By Request Personal RETREAT IN MEXICO

Handcrafted just for your needs 
Private retreat in Mexico will be designed around your needs and goals

“Great Transformation during Shamanic Healing Retreat"

When I attended the private retreat it was total different experience from my usual group ones. I had a total attentions to my need, 2 and some days even 3 practitioners work with me. The kambo medicine I had here, was much stronger then I had before and the results I had worth every dollar spent. Thanks a lot Nina and Diego.
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Jim Heinrich

Boost Start Your Spiritual & Emotional Healing

1 on 1 Retreat created around your specific needs and preferences

During shamanic healing you will have the direct connection with the Spirit World, with your Higher Spirit. Classic Shamanic methods work quickly, where results could be achieved by most people in a few hours experience that may otherwise take them years of silent meditation, prayer, or chanting.  

After shamanic healing retreat you will be able to change your perceptions on the world, people and situations around you that will improve your life and bring spiritual understanding and healing into your daily life.

Benefits of Private Shamanic Healing Retreat

Ease of Fears, Anxiety and Stress

Fight Depression

Ease of Fears / Phobias

Helps with Sleep Disorders

Life Enjoinment

Help in Finding the right Life Partner

Attracting better people and situations to your life

Helps to keep moving in life in the right direction

Start healing different psycho-somatic diseases

Making your life happier and much more…