Tucson Gemstone Show Heart & Chakras Balancing Retreat

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Tucson Gemstone Show Heart & Chakras Balancing Retreat

You will be learning, healing and having fun at the Tucson Gemshow.

You will choose your power-crystal on the gem show.

Create a sacred space in your heart by opening the heart center. During the retreat you will be connecting deeply with the Mineral Kingdom of Mother Nature. Release blocks and unlock your true potential and purpose with conscious breath work, meditation, and other spiritual practices.

Every year for about 2.5 weeks Tucson hosts the Giant of all Gem Shows, the largest of its kind in the universe.

Researchers, gemologists, authors, artists, miners and nearly 4,000 trade companies gather here from every continent to share their treasures, knowledge and expertise with the show’s tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of attendees.

The selection is so huge, that it is very hard to choose what is really needed and what would not bring much benefits, where to go to shop, which stones are natural and which are colored, what priced right or what is not….

tucson gemstone show tour retreat with Nina-Bastet