3 Trips to Peru in 2022
Wellness Spiritual Trips to Machu Pichu, Lake Titicaca, Ayahuasca in Amazonian Rain Forest

Your Soul's Wellness

Why travel with us ?

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Authentic Transformational Experience with Peruvian Healers

Looking to have a soulful journey, filled with breath-taking views, inspirational workouts, mystical experience and one-of-a-kind adventures?

Participating in healing ceremonies will help you stay in harmony with nature while blessing all areas of your life.

Each day will be filled with insightful coaching, ceremonies and practical tools that are designed to help you balance your energetic field and connect to your inner truth and to reconnect with your Higher Self.

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Mystical Experience with
Pre-Incas Initiation Rites & Ceremonies

Connecting to the energies of the mystical places of Peru, while participating in the shamanic healing rituals, will raise your vibrations and help you to uncover your hidden potentials.

Each day will be filled with insightful coaching and practical tools that are designed to help you break down distortions in your energetic field and connect to your inner truth.

This will increase your presence in life and will help you to improve areas of your life, which need improvement.

peru trip nina bastet

Sacred Medicine Retreat in Amazonian Jungle with Peruvian Curandero Healer

Ancient civilizations have always held a strong connection to their mystic traditions in order to stay connected to Spirit for healing, guidance, and enlightenment.

You will be experiencing many of these sacred practices and medicines from the Amazon jungle that are difficult to find outside of South America in its pure form.

Ayahuasca, Kambo, San Pedro and other Teacher-Plants will help you to detox your mind and body, to shed away all illusions and bring you closer to your soul’s truth and your desires.

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Sacred Medicine Ayahuasca Retreat Peru

OCTOBER 21 - 29


3 -4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies
1-2 Kambo Medicine Treatment
1 Huachuma (San Pedro)
A series of medicinal plant baths to cleanse and strengthen your energy body
Ajo-Sacha tea diet to induce dreaming;

Find Your Unlimited Potential on our Magical Trip to Peru

Oct. 30 - November 7


Vision Quest at Machu Picchu
Past Life Clearing at Sacsayhuaman
Building a Pachamama temple
Water Ceremony
Earth (PACHAMAMA) ceremony
Initiations into healing

Heart Illumination Journey in Peru with San Pedro Ceremony

November 8 - 15


Full Day San Pedro Ceremony.
Fire Ceremonies
Despacho Ceremonies
Meditations at temple of Pachamama
Meditation at Temple of the Winds
Luminous Body Cleansing - Mt. Pachatusan

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