We offer you a small group past life regression session, where you can see how the regression work, you can meet your teachers and angels and experience a glimpse of one of your past lives.

By doing a past life regression session you will be able to understand more the path, your soul have chosen, you will understand more about contracts signed between different souls, which you may brought in to this life, you will be able to understand more about karma and how it is working in your life.

If you are looking for more detailed, full personal past life regression session, it takes 2 hours and you can see more information on our Emotional Healing Site.

The Session of Past Life Regression can help with:

Find out the reasons for issues in relationship with specific person;
Find out the reason of specific behavior patterns;
Find out the reason of repeating events in your life;
Find out the reason of meeting specific person;
Find out the situations in your past life with someone of your interest;
Find out information about some or many of your past life;
Get answers to your spiritually related questions, love or money questions and more;
You can find out the reason for specific life situation that you may want to change, but for some reasons you can’t do it.
And more of the questions that you have about your life and your circumstances in this life can get answered by you going in to the light trans and doing your Past Life Regression Session.
The answers you will get may surprise you, or may just confirm what you already knew, but where doubt about.

Why By Healing Past, we Can Change Present and Future

Hope to see you at the session.

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