During the Gemstone heals group session we will be connecting to the healing energy and the intelligence of the Healing crystals.

During the circle you will be guided by Nina-Bastet, the professional life coach and energy practitioner, into the healing  meditation so you can connect to the powers of gemstones to receive guidance and healing from their energies.

The gemstone Kingdom was the first one created by Creator on the Earth, in order to help people in their earthly life. Learning how to use crystal’s powers can help you in your life.  You will be explained why it is important and how to do the meditation.

During the meditation you will be using the healing energy of Angels to help you in the process.

You need to bring your own blanket, to cover yourself and the things to lay on such as a meditation runner and a pillow.

Also, you need to bring your own crystals, or purchase a simple set at your arrival(starting at $10).

After your meditation with Crystals, will be the perfect time to

Learn and Practice the Usage of Gemstone Pendulum

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